October 2011

I came home from my second three week visit to Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage.  I went through everything I own, got rid of some stuff, bought a few tools, and got everything down to an amount that will hopefully fit into the small car that will drive me to Dancing Rabbit in March.  It is so weird to think that everything I own in the world fits into a small car, but it is also very liberating as well.  I will be leaving Arlington VA mid October and be off on my cruise ship job so I can save money for my move.

My name is Allison, but I decided I need a new name if I am going to move to DR because there is already an Alyson and an Ali there and I don’t ever want to be confused with them. After much discussion with rabbits, some emails with Nathan, and a weekend in West Virginia to the New Culture Summer Camp site for a work party, I’ve decided my new name is SunGee. Instead of shortening my name to the first half, I shortened it to the second half instead, changed the spelling, and squished it with my last name, because I didn’t want to be called Sun either and get confused with all the talk of solar energy at an ecovillage

I put my two cute cats on Craig’s List and a very nice couple gave them a home, I mean an actual home, like big house home, not a small room or apartment that they’ve been living in their whole lives. Bye, I’m going to miss you!

Robert had a nice 5 day weekend before I left for the cruise ships, weird government job days off. We went to a National Park in Virginia. This is probably the last nice picture I will have of us.

We put all my stuff in a closet where it is going to live for five months until I come back, put it in a car, and drive to Dancing Rabbit. Wow! Everything I own in the world in a closet!

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