November 2011

Wow, this month has gone by so fast. I’ve been all over the Mediterranean on my cruise ship job where I work at the top of the ship and entertain the children. Four months until I am at Dancing Rabbit, I know it is going to be here before I know it.  Even though I have been traveling to all these amazing places, this past ship contract on the Rotterdam has been the least fun one I’ve had so far, for various reasons, I guess they don’t nickname it the Rottendam for nothing, but I made myself a nice DR Wallpaper on my computer and when I feel like, “maybe life kind of sucks right now,” I just look at where I am going to be next year and it reminds me that no matter how sucky something might seem at any given moment, it shall soon pass and I’ll be on to the next exciting chapter of life.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I have so many nice things to be thankful for, but I will be spending Thanksgiving in airports and airplanes for about 8+ hours and then a hotel room all by myself in order to join another ship the day after.  I heard that some of my friends are going to be on a certain ship from March to May, and I’d really like to go with them, but I don’t think I want to delay my move to DR and be that silly girl who applies for residency for a third time. It will probably be much better to arrive in March anyhow, even though it is cold still, it will be nice to settle in before all the crazy visitors and interns arrive. Well, on to the next, won’t be very many children on the Statendam, and the ship will be cruising from San Diego CA to Ft. Lauderdale FL through the Panama Canal. Here are some pictures from this month:

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