April 2012

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The best April fools joke I heard was from Kurt and Alline who told us at the WIP that their liquor license had been revoked and they could no longer serve us alcohol.

I made my tent happier by fixing up the tarps and spraying vinegar and tea tree oil between the tarps to hopefully prevent mold.  I don’t think too much water will get between the tarps anymore but I won’t know until it rains again. I’ve also decided not to be so disgruntled with my eating situation and just live with it for now since I get to eat awesome cruise ship food for half the year for free, which makes up for the seemingly unfair amount I spend every month eating in Sunflower. It’s also convenient and I’d rather eat in a co-op to be social rather than eat on my own.

I’ve been working on compiling a songbook of songs we commonly sing at DR so I worked on that for most of the day.

Thomas got a hair cut and a shave and I said that the only time I’ve seen him with less hair than he usually has is in the video of him that is online where he is living in a mud hut and eating catsup and onions and weird stuff.

I went on my first mushroom hunt today, all by myself. I had never seen a morel except for the pictures I found online, and I found 8 morels in the forest. I was so excited.


I usually probably wouldn’t write every day, but sometimes lots of things happen every day at Dancing Rabbit.

Coz said he was out all morning hunting for mushrooms and he only found one. I went out after him and found 15 more to add to my collection of 8 I found yesterday. Elle, Nani and Dave also went out and found 32 after me. Coz said he wanted to throw us in the pond.

I spent all afternoon cleaning up the outdoor kitchen. Nani wants to eat in there but it was a horrendous mess and I’m sure I have more time than she does, with a baby and all. It was pretty gross with rat poop in the drawers and rotting compost, dirty dishes and random food in jars and cans. I had fun though and it gives me something to do. It’s also really nice to see that space cleaned up. Tim said I was moving mountains in there.

The Browns arrived today and we helped them move into Wisteria Lodge. Chris is still in Colorado trying to sell their house but Kassandra and the girls came, the two little girls have changed their names to Violet and Dash. We also had to move their king size bed into Nathan’s house, it seems like a pretty giant bed for his tiny house and it’s really tall. The trade is that Kassandra’s family gets to store things under the bed and Nathan gets a King size bed to sleep in rather than the mattresses that were on the floor before. Tereza is staying in Nathan’s right now and she’s a tiny woman too, I know how big Robert’s bed was and what it’s going to be like for Tereza to have to get in and out of that huge bed. Rowan commented about how a King size bed is very fitting for Nathan, mostly implying that Nathan, like a king, has many lovers and therefore needs such a big bed.


I’ve been going to meditation and yoga most mornings from 7:30-9am, but I’m finding that one hour of yoga is too much for me because I usually get hungry and want to go eat breakfast. Morels are really yummy. I ate them for breakfast.

Another Rachael came today with her daughter to start her residency, there are so many new residents right now, at least 7 or 8 just moved here within the past couple weeks, and it’s only April. It’s so happy to see people moving to DR.

Today was another day of Outdoor Kitchen cleaning. I brought some pots full of water out to clean the dishes. Katherine ran after me to show me how to hook up the sink and to make sure I knew there was a fee for eating in the outdoor kitchen. She said some people thought I might be cleaning the kitchen to eat in it and she wanted to make sure I knew I couldn’t eat in it for free in case I wanted to move into the kitchen to save money.  I told her I wasn’t cleaning it so that I could eat in it but so that other people could and that even if I was moving kitchens, it wouldn’t be about being cost effective but about the fact that I didn’t like the principle that I have to pay just as much as everyone else even if I eat less. But while cleaning, it made me question what kind of person I might be to think that it was more fun than work to spend about 8 hours cleaning leaves, dust, dirt, moldy dishes, rubbish, and rat poop so that someone else could eat in the kitchen. Probably no one was really going to appreciate the work as much as me, maybe Nani, but by the time she moves into the kitchen she’ll still have to do some work to clean it enough to use.  By the time the plates, bowels, and silverware were clean the water was too dirty to clean the pots so I decided that I wouldn’t get more water but would go do something more constructive that was going to be good for me.

My neighborhood, it looks kind of like crap out in Three Season Grove. There are piles of refuse and unsightly brown dead weeds.  I cleaned that instead and pulled a bunch of weeds.  I cleaned up some rubbish piles and a barrel full of old recycling that I know has been there for at least two years.  I cleaned out old ripped tents and tried to disguise a rubbish pile as a dead weed pile, even if it’s just so I don’t have to look at so much rubbish on my way home. It may be an ecovillage but it doesn’t have to look like shit in my neighborhood.  I also made a nice art piece out of rubbish that I like to call The Armchair (photo in slideshow) because it looks like the chair is growing arms.


Every day is another adventure in Rabbit Land so far. I’m sure someday the day will come when things won’t be so new anymore and I won’t write so often, but for now things are still new and exciting.

Today I helped Katherine with preschool. Every Wednesday from 9 to 12 the small children who live in the area, also from Red Earth and Sandhill, come to DR for “preschool.” There was about 7 kids this morning. It’s a great chance for them to all play together, but that’s about all preschool does thus far, play.  I know in preschools I worked in previously in Concrete Jungle Land the children actually had lessons and learned stuff in preschool. Katherine says they do that once in a while and it was in the works when her and Ali were doing preschool together, but after Ali moved away not much has happened in terms of having more structure to Preschool. Now that I am around to help Katherine, we might do more learning in preschool than playing around the whole time because preschool is easier to run with two. The kids also eat snack at 11 and have story time. I think if I wasn’t so accustomed to Rabbit Land, as a professional childcare worker, I would be appalled at the way snack was structured- no plates, just put the food on the table, why wash all those dishes, right?, and some of the time kids would lick the food off the table if it wasn’t suitable to pick up like with granola crumbs, they would also eat something if they dropped it on the floor. And during story time, some of the kids would have their own little conversations and only the kids who wanted to hear the story would listen, instead of everyone being quiet for story time, you just have to keep on reading because no one cares if not everyone is listening when a story is being read.  Good thing I’m a Rabbit at heart or else I probably wouldn’t be able to stand “Preschool” in Rabbit Land. I’m actually glad it’s preschool in Rabbit Land because Katherine and I are free to make it what we want and no one is around to tell us what we have to be doing at a certain time or even inspect if we are up to par on our health codes.

After lunch one of the 16 year old girls here is a reiki master and she gave a little introductory class on reiki. There are at least 5 people in the village who can do reiki, and it’s so nice to be in an environment like that. There is a little group of people at DR that like yoga, meditation, reiki, essential oils, singing bowls, crystals, etc and it’s nice to live somewhere with like minded people.

After reiki one of the 15 year olds came along and sat down after class, I don’t remember how it all started but he explained to us a lot about binary and trinary numbers. I feel like I just learned math class with a  15 year old. The teenagers here are smart, well some of them are.

Dave and some of the kids went fishing in the pond and caught three edible sized fishes. I told him not to throw the heads away because I’d eat them. Being half chinese I grew up eating a lot of weird stuff and don’t like to see perfectly good food go to waste. So yes, I ate three fish heads for dinner. Yum!

Song circle happens here every Wednesday evening where we take turns picking a song that everyone sings all together and we teach it if people don’t know the song. After song circle it was raining really hard so I ran home to see if water was coming into my house. Everything was dry and there was no water under the first layer of tarp floor. Yippeee!


Just when I think, “gee I have nothing to do today, maybe today will be a boring day,” Oh No.

Everything stayed dry through the rainy night and water didn’t get under the first layer of my tarp floor 🙂 I was really happy about that today.

The kids are home from school for an Easter break, and they’re sitting around playing video games… on my devices.  I guess that is what happens when you bring a new commie PC to the village so people don’t have to use the fossil 1990s computer that was the commie PC. The old guys still use the old fossil though. I bought a new PC for gaming a couple months ago, but figured any Rabbit doesn’t need two computers, and I’m mostly likely not going to play much video games here. Kids were all crowded around my computer and my iPhone all morning, playing games. Tim said I should run a daycare and take the kids out on the land.

The teenagers were running around dying their hair this afternoon. I got excited and dyed part of my hair “Hot Hot Pink.” I’ve never put any kind of hair dye in my hair before in my whole life. Don’t know how it will turn out because I dyed it over the brown.

Easter is coming up and someone wanted to show the Ten Commandments. I last saw that movie when I was a kid, but seeing it now makes me realize how creepy it looks because it’s such an old movie.


Oh man, oh man, the adventure just doesn’t stop in Rabbit Land.

I was really happy about my streak of “Hot Hot Pink” hair this morning.

And really unhappy about my pink eye this afternoon. Apparently I have pink eye, and Ted has it too.  I don’t think I’ve ever had it like this in my life. I’ve had red eyes from allergies before but right now my eye has been stinging and burning and weeping since the late morning. Sara gave me some herbal liquid to drop into my eye several times per day and Nani gave me some breast milk which really helped a lot. Hopefully it goes away soon, because it sucks!

I also finished the DR Songbook that I was working on 🙂 It is 15 pages long. We like to sing here.  Quite a few people said it was a really helpful thing to have around and they wish DR would have had one when they were new.

The kids dyed Easter eggs this afternoon, and I showed them how to dye them half and half. I also helped Katherine make matzo ball soup for the first time. It is so nice to live in a place where people do things for the holidays and lots of different things at that.


Good thing my pink eye is gone today. Maybe all that breast milk and herbal remedies helped it heal fast, or maybe I never really had it at all. I read online that it stays around for more than one day.

Today we had a Seder at DR. It is a Jewish tradition. It was really interesting to participate in this dinner event. Apparently this is a yearly occurrence. We ate the matzo ball soup that I helped make. It is so great to be involved in preparing something and helping to set up so that many people can come and enjoy a big event.  We filled the Great Room of the Common house with about 50 people at dinner.


Sunday is usually a big day at DR, and today is Easter Sunday. The kids had an easter egg hunt this morning and Ostrichtron made his yearly appearance.  I was cleaning the kitchen and someone came in to tell me that Ostrichtron was here. I had no idea what this was, but apparently you give him a rock and he gives you a treat, like an orange.

I also did an interview for a podcast called “Pagan Homesteader.” Apparently it’s not really for Pagans, but it’s for all those crazy people out there who are interested in homesteading, eco living, and community living. I just did an interview as someone who lives at Dancing Rabbit, makes me hope I said good stuff and not anything that anyone is going to tell me about later that I shouldn’t have said because it was incorrect.

Oh my gosh, one of the teens told me to wear shoes in the computer room because apparently one of the kids was so engrossed in video gaming on my badass computer that they couldn’t hold it and pooped in the computer room. He said it had been cleaned up but, make sure you wear shoes. For a second I started to feel guilty for bringing such a badass commie PC to the ecovillage, but it’s not really my fault. Kids have to learn moderation and discipline and responsible choices for their young little lives. I’m just unintentionally helping them do that, . . .maybe.

I pretty much spent most of the day typing up the quote board. DR has a quote board that hangs in the common house which people write on when they hear a quote worthy quote at DR. It consisted of pages and pages of hand written quotes from the past four years, some pages were faded and worn and I think one page also had some mold on it.  I typed it up, 13 pages of quotes, it looks a lot nicer now, although some rabbits thought I was weird for doing so.


I sewed something this morning! I patched up a ragged chair in the common house. I’ve never really sewn much in my life before, but I took home economics  in school so I figured it couldn’t be that bad. Hopefully it will last through people sitting on it over and over.  People came into the room and would say, “Great, you’re fixing that chair,” but all I could think was, “gee I hope it is going to be great because I’ve never really sewn much before. It could turn out to be a disaster.” I think it actually turned out ok though. Ah, all the new things that happen at DR.

I also got chiggers, ugh. I don’t know how it happened, but they live in grass, which is everywhere at DR. It’s only on my hands, but it feels like a mosquito bit me over and over. The rabbits are saying that the chiggers are usually out later in the year, but it’s been so warm this year, they’re probably out early. I’m learning a lot more about bugs and pests here than I ever have.


Well I had some last minute visitors show up yesterday, some friends I met in Seattle. Gregg and Rose were traveling from Chicago to Colorado and stayed overnight in my YurtDome. They have their own diet so they didn’t eat any rabbit food, but they made some really awesome chocolate thing with raw butter, Sharron’s chocolate from her farm in Equator, and honey. It was nice to have people I know come see me at DR, even if I told them I’d need advanced notice and they didn’t decide they’d be coming until 5am and I got a Skype message late morning yesterday that said, “Guess where we are.” I also realized that I haven’t actually had any guests to my house yet except them, not even any rabbits.  Some people keep telling me that they want to come visit me at my tent but it just hasn’t happened yet.

I also did laundry for the first time since I’ve been here. I’ve learned that the poles on my tent make a good clothes line.


Preschool this morning, we went on a treasure hunt in the machine shed and did some arts and crafts. Katherine and I thought it would be a good idea to learn about the circus today, but that never really happened because we were having so much fun, time just flew by so fast.  I got an air mattress on the treasure hunt. There is a pile of commie/salvation army stuff in the old biodiesel lab in the machine shed. I don’t know if the air mattress is any good, but I’ll have to blow it up later to find out.

Apparently my guests made a bit of a stir in the village. I guess that’s what happens when you bring a raw food, raw meat, raw milk, eco savvy, food research scientist to your ecovillage, even if it is just for one night.  Katherine had heard that Gregg went to Sharron (with the chocolate farm) and tried to teach her about where chocolate comes from, which didn’t happen at all and I know because I was there both times he bought chocolate. Jennifer was also frustrated this morning because she has been trying and trying to get her son to eat more protein so he can run his track meats, and he’s been really resistant to it, until Gregg came along and Rowan decided the next morning that he needed to eat 3 egg sandwiches for breakfast and drink half a gallon of milk. Enzio (15 years old) also had a very animated discussion debate with Gregg about the second law of thermodynamics, very enjoyable for both of them I’m sure.

I also had my first rabbit guests to my house today, the little reiki class group came over to do class because the common house was too noisy. We really didn’t end up doing a whole lot of reiki, but instead did massage, tarot readings for new tent placement, and thought up words to an 80s sounding rock-like song, which we sang at song circle. It’s really exciting because part of this group of people is thinking of buying some kind of huge tent to live in and maybe start a sub community at DR of people that like yoga, reiki, meditation and all that kind of stuff and we talked a bit about that too.


So, Coz was supposed to be my interim liaison until Nathan got back and Nathan came home yesterday, although, I was told he was having a bit of a rough time on his travels and might need a few days to settle in at home and hang out with other people before he’d be ready to talk to me and be liaisonly. That’s all well and fine, but I actually thought I’d be more excited to see him for the first time in six months than I actually was. I feel like he was one of the rabbits that I made friends with as a visitor, but I was actually kind of surprisingly upset to see him and couldn’t explain why, like I wanted to curl up in a corner and cry but couldn’t, almost like that feeling you get when you feel like you need to throw up and you’d probably feel better if you did but your body just won’t do it.  It occurred to me later that any emotional stuff I’ve been picking up is other peoples’ shit and not my own emotional crap. I’ve decided to busy myself with happy things today like dance practice, hanging out with nature and doggies, and eating dinner at Pizza Night over at the Mercantile outside of my kitchen. It’s funny how we live so closely to each other that if some people are going through “stuff” they can affect other people like me, even if I have nothing to do with what they are going through.

I also had a bit of an epiphany last night because Nathan’s arrival made me think a weird thought the first time I saw him, he came into the kitchen and my brain went, “oh god, not another Brown!” and it was in that moment that I realized there are 10 people who eat in my kitchen, 4 of them are the family that lives in the Timberframe and 5 of them, although not all blood related, their last name is all Brown and they all get along as if they might as well be a family too, and then there’s just me. People in Concrete Jungle land might not understand, but for a rabbit, where they eat can be a big part of their social scene at the village, and even though it might be an unreasonable feeling, it can be a big deal for a rabbit to feel like the odd one out in their kitchen.  I also realized last night that I’ve never actually lived by myself before I came to DR. I’ve always lived in shared housing or with Robert or on a cruise ship with a roommate. Now, even though I live in a close knit village of 60 people, I’ve never lived alone until now.  Don’t get me wrong because I’m not feeling lonely, but I think I’m just having a really big sense of individualism and I’m starting to question where it is that I socially fit into this village.  I have to fill out an emergency form and one of the questions on it is, “Who at DR is responsible for you in the event of your incapacitation or death. Please verify with these people that they are willing to take on this responsibility,” and I don’t feel like I know anyone well enough at DR to ask that of them, so I guess my default answer is my liaison, but even Nathan might be burnt out on the whole death thing.

My best friends so far are the kids and the awesome people that I’ve been doing reiki, yoga, and meditation with, but none of them have lived here very long. Even the awesome 16 year old reiki master still lives with her family in Rutledge, but she plans to move over to DR soon, maybe with people that aren’t her parents, and to me it is really cool that, in a village, a 16 year old might be able to do that because her parents just live down the road.  Coz has been a good liaison so far, checking in with me about how I’m doing and if I have any questions for him, but there’s stuff he just doesn’t know because he hasn’t lived here that long. When I signed up for a liaison I gave a list of 10 people and said I wasn’t picky but wanted someone who had lived at DR for at least 2 years and felt like they had the time and energy for liaisoning. That was probably a good idea because I can’t really ask kids or fairly newer people to be responsible for me in case of my incapacitation or death, so it’s a good thing DR assigns liaisons because Nathan is the only person at this point that I’d feel comfortable asking that of for me.

Pizza night turned out to be great fun and ended with a small group trading back massages in the common house library. We decided we’d do it every Thursday after pizza night.


I’ve been helping to cook on Mon, Wed, and Fri because I don’t feel comfortable cooking all by myself. Today was Nathan’s cook shift and he was very informative in teaching me about cooking at DR. I realized I never really learned how to cook much in Concrete Jungle Land, certainly not how to cook for 10 people all by myself with vegetarians/vegans around. I learned a lot about cooking today. Nathan’s style of cooking is to start in the morning and hot box things during the day. Every Sunflower Kitchen meal needs a vegetable, starch, and protein.  Some beans need soaking over night, some legumes take all day in the hotbox, grains generally take only a few hours in the hot box.  Things like black eyed peas and split peas don’t need soaking. Don’t add acidic things like tomatoes or salt to lentils before they are completely done or else they won’t cook all the way. It’s helpful to theme your spices and if you don’t know how to spice things, look up on the internet how dishes are spiced that use similar ingredients that you want to cook with.

There was a tour here from a college class and I got to go around with Sam and help with the tour. I like giving tours so it is good experience for me to tag along for now so I can give tours on my own in the future.

I got to have a sleepover with the Brown girls. It was really nice to sleep in a bed in an actual house for once. Sometimes Kassandra needs adult time away from her kids and the only time she can really do that is when they’re sleeping. I don’t think I’ve really “hung out” with anyone yet at DR and just had a nice conversation and we were visitors together so it was a nice sleepover. It’s so nice to live in close proximity with people so if you want to go over to someone’s house, you’re never far from home.


Today I went to the Dog & Gun, in the rain. The Dog and Gun is about the only thing Rutledge is famous for, it’s the largest flea market ever, it claims to be a hillbilly auction, but basically it is the largest hick garage sale full of trinkets and treasures that you’ve ever seen in your life. We went to another flea market first called The Colony, and I found too many treasures to want to stay at the Dog & Gun and wait for everyone else for 2 hours, so I decided to walk home. Luckily it didn’t take me 2 hours like I thought it might, some Red Earth angels came and scooped me out of the rain in their truck.  One of the treasures I got today was a guitar for $25, I found a bird nest in it later.

When I got back to the Common House there was a college class here for a tour standing out in the courtyard. Many of the rabbits in the common house were commenting on how attractive these people were and how much they’d raised the attractiveness of the village.  One rabbit was pretty annoyed at his perspective of the lack of so many attractive people at DR, and after a while he was feeling like telling the college kids to leave because they were too attractive, he wouldn’t have actually said that to them of course. I guess that’s one thing that can be frustrating for some people that live at DR is that there are the same people around all the time, the “dating pool” is small, and ya, there aren’t many rabbits around that you might look at and say, “dam, that person is attractive.”  I certainly have my own amusings about how that stuff works around here, but I guess that’s all I can say about it right now, that it’s amusing.

I went to a Woman’s Stories event today where Mandy told us about her life.  Next month is my turn, now I have to tell my life’s story to a bunch of women. I’ve never had to tell my life story to anyone before, this will require some preparing.


Busy Sunday. Cleaning, WIP, Birthday Party, another Sunflower Kitchen orientation with Nathan, Ice Cream Date at Larkspur, saw the movie Trancendent Man, and started a project to redo all the labels in Sunflower Kitchen.

I got invited to the birthday party at the Mercantile and the ice cream date at Larkspur. It is so nice to be invited to things, and I realized how much I appreciate that people invited me to hang out with them.


Finished the labels for Sunflower Kitchen, just in time for the day that visitors arrive. They look soo awesome, but I guess that’s what happens when you outsource your label making to an artist. They’ll really help people get around in the kitchen. I made about 32 laminated labels. It took me a total of 15 hours. I think I’ve done a lot of, mostly self appointed, work for this village already. It’s unpaid, of course, but I think it would be interesting for me to tally up all these hours of work just for my own amusement.  Lets see… 8 hours cleaning the OK, 5 hours compiling a Songbook, 5 hours typing the quote board, probably at least 2 hours cleaning 3 season grove of crap garbage and weeds, and 15 hours on Sunflower labels… that’s 30 hours, karma hours, I guess I’ll call them, things you do that make everyone say, wow that is so much better thanks, and you never get money for it, but it was worth the work to have it done.

Visitors arrive today, and I am one of the greeters. I like greeting visitors and showing them around and answering their questions, but some of the rabbits think this excitement for visitors will eventually go away.

I went to a shower party. I don’t think this is something that rabbits usually do, but me and a few people spontaneously decided to take showers together and have a party, and it wastes less water than if we were all to take separate showers all the time, which is more eco friendly.


I spent a couple hours last night and got up at 6:30am this morning to help cook breakfast for visitors. I bet those 12 people have no idea how much time some rabbits spent cooking their breakfast for them. It’s such a good trade to help cook and then get to eat some yummy food. We made 4 dozen muffins, 1 dozen eggs for scrambled eggs, and a bunch of potatoes for hash browns. +3 karma and experience hours 🙂 +a couple more hours making more signs today,

I took a nap today for the first time since I’ve been here.

Katherine ran the visitor meet and greet. She had a volley ball with different questions written on it and you were supposed to throw the ball to each other in a circle and answer the question your dominant thumb was on. It was a good game, I want to remember if I ever run a meet and greet.


Preschool today, preschool number 3, that’s +9 karma hours I didn’t add before. We saw tadpoles, we painted with mud, and we had a happiness parade at 9am with instruments. I thought we’d wake people in the village but no one else was concerned, they said, “everyone’s awake by now, and if they aren’t, they should be.” No one complained about our noisy happiness parade.

Reiki class this afternoon. 6 people in my house did energy healing and reiki shares on each other. It was really awesome. We decided that other people were in much need of healing in the village so we started a list of the first few people we wanted to work on.

I had a personal emotional event while cooking that was related to feeling like the odd one out in the kitchen, but I took a moment to have my emotion, got a hug from a friend in the hallway, and then I was better. I’ve learned a bit about how I personally process emotions, and I knew that was going to happen from moving here, I have emotions in the moment and am usually better later on. Sometimes I feel like I should bring things up with people if I have a real problem, but I feel like my thing around feeling left out is contrived and unreasonable because no one is really leaving me out and I don’t want to make a big deal out of it.  I think the awareness was the only thing I needed.

New member, Katherine, had a celebratory bonfire. There was music, dancing, singing, cuddling, and a rotisserie massage circle around the fire where people massaging in a circle, walked around so everyone got equal time closest to the fire. It was a fun night.


I earned half a pizza at the Mercantile today from laminating signs. I also spent some time in the kitchen putting protectant on the cupboard shelves, +.75kh.

Pizza night was great and we had a visitor Q & A afterward. After that was regular massage trades in the library.


Made labels for Sunflower Kitchen’s milk jugs, +.5kh.

I pretty much spent most of the day practicing for the No Talent Show. At 10 in the morning I somehow decided it would be a great idea to go over to Jordan’s with Brent and do some impromptu Flash Jamming, as they call it.  I learned the song, Peaches, in one day and we played it for the talent show, we decided to put my rainbow skirts on our heads.  I also did my badass dance with Elle to I’m Sexy and I Know It.

After the No Talent Show Nathan taught me and Katherine how to drill the peanut butter. We get peanut butter in buckets and it separates so we have to mix it with a drill. I also had a really nice long chat with Nathan about things I could do to start making income at DR and possibly get to the point where I don’t have to leave in the winter to live here.  Nathan said he’d need someone to care for his three season housing, and he also did some magic number crunching on his computer to figure out how viable it would be for me to hold holistic retreats at DR. He did some domain name searches which resulted in his purchase of a meditation retreat domain name in the middle of the night at around 1am. I guess I’ll buy the domain name from him for a bit of a profit if I decide I want to use it to hold meditation and holistic retreats at DR.  Holistic retreats at DR seem doable for me but I have my work cut out for me now with Nathan’s help. Right now I have an open and flexible schedule at DR but with my work ethic, I imagine in 5 years I might end up like Nathan, super busy.


Today was Land Clean Day where we all get together and clean up a bunch of crap around the land. There are a bunch of areas people work on and the Queen of Clean appeared to direct us appropriately. Land Clean Day +4kh.  I tidied the Wares Display in the entrance to the common house, helped fix furniture at the new pond, and helped clean up the machine shed.

In the evening there was a fire and a drum circle at the old pond, but it started to rain and storm and everyone went inside and had a dance party and played games. One fun thing was a circle of 7 people, arm in arm, all dancing together to dubstep, pretty awesome.


I cleaned the kitchen with Kassandra for Sunday clean, but we came to lunch time and realized we didn’t have enough food because the person who cooked dinner last night didn’t make enough and he was at church so we had to scrounge together and get enough food in a matter of about 15 minutes to feed the ten people in Sunflower plus 12 visitors.

I also decided to eat as a Kitchen User in Sunflower next month rather than a Co-Op member. This means I have to buy and cook all my own food for myself at times when Sunflower isn’t cooking meals, time to go to the store. It’s a great experiment in both my food eating situation and my social sanity. Right now eating in Sunflower for me is like eating with two families and I’m not a part of either one of them, so it’s a bit weird for me, but I know that’s my stuff and I need to experiment with what will make it feel better for me.

Impromptu energy healing session on a rabbit with visitor Jen this afternoon, impromptu dance party in the kitchen with the Browns, and impromptu bonfire tonight to clear some rubbish from a space where a huge tent is going to go that will house three residents.  I wonder how long it is going to be before my schedule is so busy that I can’t attend these spontaneous events that often happen in Rabbit Land.


This morning I helped set up a big tent that is going to house some residents down by Ironweed Kitchen. They took some time lapse photos while it was being set up.

Today I noticed that my fingers were shaking while I was looking on my iPhone. I searched the web for causes related to fingers shaking, particularly what type of nutritional deficiencies might cause such a thing. One thing I found is that B-12 is important for neurological functions in the brain and for memory. B-12 is in Meat!!! I’ve probably only eaten meat once since I’ve been here because all our communal meals are vegetarian or vegan and whatever I am eating isn’t giving my body what it needs to function properly. Guess it’s time to go down to the butcher in Rutledge and buy some meat.

Visitor Jen and I drove to the store in Rutledge and I bought $45 of food for my upcoming month. We also went to the butcher and I bought some meat. I’ll see how long that lasts me.

Watched the Within Reach movie at the Mercantile tonight. Two of our residents made a bike trip all through the US for two years visiting about 100 different intentional communities and the movie is about their journey. They haven’t released it yet though. http://www.withinreachmovie.com/



It’s been warm for the past couple days and I have been doing a lot of sitting around and doing nothing. Even in preschool we sat around in the hammock chairs for most of the morning and played pirate ships.

Reiki class was awesome. We made our first house call and then moved class to the new Cabella tent.


I’m planning to grow some mushrooms in buckets so I ordered some kits today and prepared a couple buckets.

I’m also working on forming a Health & Healing collective at DR, for now it will just be one documented place where all the people are listed who do health and healing in the village. +2kh compiling and editing the list


A visitor gave me $10 today for computer use. I thought that was pretty neat. I think it is the first real money I’ve gotten since I’ve been here.

This weekend is Contra Dance Weekend in our dance hall, La Casa de Cultura. I earned some of my program costs greeting and signing in the dancers. Dancers from outside of Dancing Rabbit came to participate in this big event. I danced a lot today, and I laughed and smiled so much my face hurt.


More dancing today, but besides dancing Contra Dance at the DR dance hall, it was prom night for a couple of the teenagers. Some people who helped them get all fancied up also dressed up and took photos with the teenagers, including me.

Jordan had an album release at the Mercantile for the music he makes. He gave out CDs and told people they could help him name the tracks if they wanted. Whilst I was over there I discovered that the Mercantile sells really good snacks, like chocolate drizzled popcorn. I bought some and had to share it with anyone who walked into the door so I could spread the yum and other people could also know how good this chocolate popcorn is.


My computer had taken a hard hit onto the concrete floor from falling from a shelf, but it seemed that everything was fine until I tried to use the camera. I tried to Skype with someone last night, but discovered that my camera was broken. Even with a broken camera, my worst day at Dancing Rabbit will probably never be as bad as someone else’s.


I did an interview for a podcast so I listened to the show my interview is in: http://www.thepaganhomesteader.podbean.com/

Kyle got a few sheep to graze the lands at DR. One of them already went to the butcher, the rest will go in the fall.  They came home today with some organ meats and the hide. I got to try some mutton liver tonight.

I helped one of the teenagers cut his hair this evening. So far I’ve helped 2 people in this village buzz their hair. I’d never really cut anyone else’s hair before I came here, but I do lots of new things at DR. After hair cutting I stayed up late with a spontaneous dance party in the common house and massages.

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