May 2012

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We had a workshop in consensus training this morning. Then it came time for lunch in Sunflower and my first thought was, “I’m so glad I’m not eating that food anymore.” The food is usually good, but I guess it seems appealing to me to be able to cook and eat my own food whenever I want. My first day as a Non Sunflower Kitchen User.

We tried to go to the roller skating rink today in Kahoka for a birthday party for one of the rabbits but the lady didn’t get the message that we were coming so it was locked when we got there. We all went and had ice cream instead.


Today we had a Power Dynamics workshop. The village brought in outside facilitators to run a two day workshop for the rabbits on how people feel about power and the power dynamics at Dancing Rabbit. After the workshop were smaller group sessions to learn about what triggers us around power. It was an interesting experience.

It’s been raining on and off for days. 4 layers of tarps don’t save you from almost living in a puddle. I’ve decided to pay someone to fetch me as many pallets as they can up to 20 because that’s how many I need for my 14′ YurtDome.  I’ve had some clothes on the line I washed on a sunny day, but it’s been so rainy they haven’t dried out and I’m afraid they’re rotting on the line or growing mildew or something gross. It’s damp and then warm and damp, it seems like nothing gets dry right now and it’s only going to get worse. Nathan tells me it is so humid in the summer that you can see your footprints on the floor in the common house. I also found that a mouse had chewed some of my clothes and made a little nest under my bed and left some droppings. I think it got in through a sneaky hole in the tarps around the door. I cleaned it up and I don’t think he’s been back since. I had taken some clothes inside to dry before I knew it was going to rain but now my house just smells like damp clothes. I guess I can hang on in a damp house until my pallets come.


It was a very productive day with another power dynamics workshop. It was pretty intense today, but that’s how things can get when you live so closely with so many people.

I also got my mushroom kits and prepared the buckets with the kits in them. One with coffee grounds and one with sawdust. I hope it all works out. It’s another experiment for me at DR.

I got my pallets for my platform. I did end up getting 20 of them. They’re near the road and now I have to haul them all the way down the field to my house. I’ve found that any job at DR that seems like it is huge, really isn’t that bad when you think about it in small steps, just one pallet at a time, in this case. Maybe I can call a work party.


Today was the annual May Day festivities at Sandhill Farm. After the three mile walk over, it was great to have a pond to swim in. There was a lot of dancing around the May Pole. I decided to watch this year instead of do the May Pole thing so I could figure out what all these festivities include. There was also a potluck, contra dancing, a sweat lodge, and more pond swimming. It was a great day!


Chris is home now, and today I spent a great day in Memphis with some of the Browns doing errands.  We all got driver’s licenses together, now I feel official. It was a great way to connect with them, all together again, and share some of the being new feelings, like where is the rotational list of chores, this might be important information to know. Sometimes old rabbits forget what it is like to be new and seemingly important tid bits of information don’t necessarily get relayed to you in the first few days you get “home.”

I feel like it has also been a very healing week, energetically and emotionally. Reiki class was awesome yesterday. I’ve also been taking more time to do some inner reflection, realizing how I might feel about things in my life, where it might come from inside me, and having compassion for myself. It seems like no matter how old you get, you never stop growing. And like a cruise ship, in an ecovillage, life can happen very fast and shift greatly in a matter of a few days because you live so closely with so many people all the time.

It’s also been over a week since I started eating on my own. I’m finding that I really enjoy that as well. I can eat what I want, when I want, and take care of myself in my food aspect.  I also don’t eat much so it makes a lot more sense for me to keep track of my own food, like 1 small loaf of bread- 5 days, one jar of peanut butter- 2 months, and one pound of beet greens- 1 week.


Yesterday was full of doing new things. In the morning I watched the ultimate frisbee game, and I had some of the rabbits explain the rules to me. We are playing on a new field now that is close to the site of where the new common house will go. I’ve thought about starting to play this game, but I think I will have to learn how to throw a frisbee better first.  In the afternoon I learned how to play Sock Ball, which is a really fun game that the kids play sometimes. You have to throw socks at each other to tag people out.

Today I went to a scything workshop at Red Earth farms. There is a bunch of tall grass behind my dome I want to practice on but none of the communal scythes are sharp enough. A scythe is also generally something that not many people are willing to loan to someone so I might have to buy my own online someday.


Today has been a great day! I played Ultimate Frisbee for the first time and it was fun! I was a little intimidated at first because I had never played before but I was really happy that I jumped in and did it anyway.

Chris and I are going to start a photo project to put in the common house. The photos will be of the rabbits with names underneath so newcomers can learn names better.

I’ve also been doing more drawing and have been talking to other rabbits about possibly having some kind of art show in the future.

Jordan is also having a little concert on Saturday and I and several other people are helping him out with support. It’s going to be a little sneak peak of his big birthday concert on July 16.

I’ve been playing a lot of Sock Ball too. Nathan has been on in-village vacation for a week and he has been around more to hang out with and teach us how to play Sock Ball. It’s been nice to know that he’s been taking a break to run around and do fun things more than being super crazy busy.

The village has found a couple stray puppies from the road, apparently this happens every so often. One of them followed someone home and has three broken ribs. It was taken to the vet to get checked out. Tonight we found another one. They look a lot alike, but don’t seem to get along. I think the village is finding people to take care of them until the sick on is better and then we have to decide what to do with them.


Spent all day in Kirksville today with the Browns. It’s convenient to be new and go get checkups together. Tareza came too and we went and ate sushi while the Browns ate at the deli. Sushi makes me happy. It wasn’t Seattle sushi but it was the best sushi around here, we were pretty excited about it.

This evening song circle was in the Casa for the first time. The acoustics sound really good so I think we’re going to keep it in there from now on. The only downside to me is that after the goodnight song, people probably won’t hang around like they did in the common house.


I feel like I did so much today. I played Ultimate Frisbee, helped cook, went to a meeting, greeted the people coming for the facilitation training, I ate my first shiitakes from my kits, the Brown girls weren’t feeling very well so I went over for some healing time, a bunch of people made chocolate chip cookies in the kitchen late at night, and I played Set with Bri at about 1 in the morning.


Today I spent all day in the kitchen cooking for Sunflower and for some people that came for a facilitation training. The only time I left the kitchen was to go to a cupcake birthday party at Red Earth and to watch a 1/2 hour movie at Movie Night which we have at the Mercantile every Sunday.


Lately I’ve been thinking a lot more seriously about what it is that I need to do or have in my life to have enough income so that I don’t have to leave every winter and be gone from home for half the year. It seems really secure and fun to leave on a cruise ship for the winter and not have to worry about money or work for the rest of the year and be able to buy anything I want and not have to feel like I need to be frugal, but I think I’m really going to miss home, my friends, and the supportive environment of the ecovillage.  Now I’ve put income making as a higher priority for myself and it feels like a big shift for my focus and something I’m not wanting to feel like it is something that I have to do.


Today I went to a concert in St. Louis with 5 other people. St. Louis is about 3 hours away, and we went to see a band called Elephant Revival.  We all told our life stories on our way down and back. It was a great road trip with my rabbit friends. I’d never been to St. Louis before. We went to dinner at a restaurant, and it was kind of weird to go into a big city and to an actual restaurant and sit down after living in eco land for a while. The concert was great and we were total hippies, forming a massage train, dancing together, hugging together a lot and all right in the middle of a huge bar where other people seemed to be in their own little space in their own little world during the concert. We went and touched the Arch in the middle of the night after the concert. Then we drove around and tried to find some ice cream at 12:30am, we finally found a grocery store that was open and just after we entered the store and found the ice cream there was a big announcement that the store was closing. It was kind of hard for a couple of us to go into a big grocery store and be bombarded with STORENESS, florescent lights, shelves of too many choices, unnatural sensory overload, etc, it was the same way when I went into the Wal-Mart in Kirksville with the Browns, like an alien world or a bad dream that I wanted to wake up from. We finally got home to Dancing Rabbit at 4:30am.


I told my life story to a bunch of women in the Casa. It was a fun thing to do and a good experience to have.  This evening Garnet and I put on a contact improv dance with a singing bowl concert. It was fun and relaxing and I want to do things like this more often.


The mulberries are ripe, the mosquitos are coming out, and the summer activity is picking up.  I’ve thought of about 15 things I’d like to do to make money while living at DR. I’ve also decided I want to try to hold a meditation retreat here, maybe this year if I can pull it off, but if not, next year for sure. I decided I also want to teach Contact Improv and connection and trust building exercises on a regular basis with Garnet.

The Browns had 10 chicks but didn’t put them in last night. A raccoon got to them and now they are all dead. They’re taking it really well though, the two little girls included. Kassandra says it’s one of the first times in her life she’s failed at something and felt ok about it, she’s glad the family had a good learning experience and they will get more chicks soon.

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