June 2012

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There was a big formal party in the wedding tent that Ziggy and April are using as the workshop to build their new house.  We danced the night away and took silly photos.  There was supposed to be a Lord of the Rings Marathon tomorrow but Ted, who was hosting this, decided he was too busy to be watching 9+ hours of LOTR in one day and had double booked with meetings and such so we’ll just watch one movie in the evening. The summer can be quite busy so a movie marathon might be more of a winter activity, but I won’t be here in the winter.

Speaking of busy, I suppose my life is getting more busy too. I’m trying to focus on building foundations to make more money while at DR so I’ve been working on those things and I might be picking up a little odd job. I’m also starting to hang out with friends and companions more and have been needing to be more conscientious of getting enough sleep and taking naps. I don’t talk about my personal life to people who aren’t close to me but I suppose I identify with the polyamorous culture of DR and it is interesting to note that such a thing is not as uncommon in the ecovillage as it is in Concrete Jungle Land. When I first started visiting DR, such things weren’t so apparent, but now we’re even telling the visitor program during orientation that not all relationships at DR are monogamous and I think polyamory is becoming just as much of a norm as monogamy.


The Browns and I went to Kirksville again for a day of errands. We were gone from 8:30am to 6:30pm. It was such a long day, and I had a no-fun time at the clinic because, for the second time, the doctor couldn’t draw blood from my arms. It was so nice to be home, we realized we don’t really like going all the way to Kirksville for such a long day of errands, there really is no place like home.  I’m so glad I live with all these wonderful people. If you’re ever having a bad day, there are people around to get hugs from and then you feel better.

One of our errands was to print the photo wall.  Garnet helped me cut out photos from laminate late at night. There were so many fireflies out when I went back to my dome to get sticky tack to put up the wall.

You know it’s time to clean out your inbox when you notice you have 200 emails from the village that have piled up in your email box.


My mom is visiting for a week and we’ve had a wonderful time galavanting around Dancing Rabbit, swimming in the pond, and exploring. We’re going to build a platform for my YurtDome, finally after all those weeks of having pallets around in a stack, now I’ll have a platform and the water won’t come in from the ground. Yipee!

Garnet’s family is coming this weekend and we’re going to have breakfast at the Mercantile on Sunday. We wanted waffles and the Mercantile is probably one of the only places in this village where one can eat waffles for breakfast, but there were too many guests to cook breakfast for at once so Alline said no on the waffles. My mom and I went to Rutledge and there happened to be a yard sale where there was a waffle iron for $2. Now Garnet and I can eat waffles for breakfast, yum.

I went to Joan’s sleepover in her new pallet shelter at Red Earth. There was lots of snuggling and massage with yummy scented oils and yummy snacks like Nutella on bread and popcorn. I was really grateful to have a warm buddy to snuggle with because it’s been chilly for the past few nights. Since my mom arrived and is sleeping in my dome, I’ve been finding elsewheres to sleep, but these elsewheres are sometimes chilly, in a tent or a pallet shed, and I think I’m getting a bit of a cough. I guess that’s what happens when you stay up late and sleep in chilly places for several nights in a row 😦 Sometimes one must learn the balance of having lots of fun and taking good care of oneself while living in Rabbit Land where there is so much fun to be had.


The village is getting a little more beautified. There is a road where the grain bin storage used to be and there are flower beds beneath the signs, mail boxes, in the courtyard and popping up else where. The Common House Design team has been talking to me and my mom so I got to see some of the plans for the new building, it looks awesome, but I only wish it was a dome. I like domes and have been talking to some other rabbits on perhaps a dome temple at DR.  I helped set up Tamar’s house the other day, and that’s a nice place for healing, but it’s no huge awesome dome either. Did I mention I like domes?

The power went down on the grid today. . . and so did the power in the common house. I guess that’s what happens when you try to be eco and cooperate with the grid. DR tries to sell back to the grid twice as much power as we use because we make so much of our own power at DR, but selling to the grid means being connected to the grid as well in some of our buildings, also so we don’t have to turn off the fridges during the winter. So right now the grid is down and there are solar panels, solar panels, solar panels everywhere and no power 😦 Not really sure how I feel about this situation right now.

The other night I went to an excellent snuggly massage sleepover at Joans, and Nathan’s birthday party is in a few days. It might be a similar but more structured party, but unlike Joan’s party, kids aren’t invited. My buddy Garnet went on a hero mission to take some books to the FIC conference in California. I miss him and he won’t be here to go to an awesome birthday party with me, but he’ll be back in a week which comes faster than ever in Rabbit Land.


Today was a busy day with a meeting in the morning, pond swimming, contact improv, giving massages to the Timberframe Workshop, and Nathan’s birthday party. It was also very stormy during the day with drenching rain that felt like someone was showering me with the hose. I also took a shower outside in the rain near the gushing downspout of the common house. Why shower inside when perfectly good water is raining from the sky. I was so glad I now live on a platform.

I’m sure some rabbits figured that any birthday party of Nathan’s, with the preface of come showered and no kids allowed, would just turn into some giant orgy but in fact it was a beautiful night of boundary setting and connection exercises, kissing, cuddling, and massages where people felt safe and supported to honestly find and voice their boundaries and desires. Nathan is also a wonderful catalyst of loving first experiences in the world, and by request of the birthday boy, someone is to blog about the tally of the three first same gender kisses and one first beard to beard kiss that took place at this party. The birthday party was a small party of about 9 people, but I wish more rabbits would have chosen to attend such a beautiful party of connection. I think those of us who did come to the party are the types of people that wish that Dancing Rabbit or the world as a whole was more heart centered where people feel safe and supported to honestly explore and voice their own boundaries and desires in life and with each other, even outside of any sexual contexts. I used to attend similar, 100+ people, parties back in Seattle with the Love Tribe and it seems that those that attend such events or participate in an environment where safe and honest boundary setting is explored, those people speak a certain language with each other that is more honest and loving than the wider culture is today.  The birthday party was definitely low on the emphasis of sexuality and on any “woo” whatsoever and more on an emphasis of people feeling safe to be honest with themselves and others with their boundaries and desires. I hope to have larger events at DR that are similar to this small 9 person party.


Red Earth Farms had a Land Day celebrating it’s 7 years. There were at least 50 pizzas made in Dandelion’s pizza oven to feed the hungry party. There was an after party with a fire at Joan’s, but I didn’t go because I ran home to see Garnet and Inis who had returned from their hero mission to California.

Garnet is no longer needed as a wexer so it is nice that he has more time for things like hanging out and sleeping in and focusing on other projects. We moved all of his things across the village off of the Magic School Bus tent platform and over to my place for now until he figures out what he’s doing next. We’re going to join Sunflower in July. At least this time I will have a buddy to cook with.


Visitors are here again, bringing new energy and eyes to the village. I like to greet them and help them find their way around. I’ve also taken to being the one who orients them to the Sunflower Kitchen.

The weather is getting much hotter. We just had some visitors leave after the first couple days because it was too hot for them. It is supposed to get to at least 100 today. I think it is ok for me because the change feels gradual from spring but I could imagine if I had come to visit from Seattle, it would feel too hot for me too.

New residents have arrived from the first visitor session and it is so nice to see them around the village now.

I spent almost an hour in the Mercantile’s mucky grey water pond, pulling out the cattails to keep the mosquitos down. I thought it was a fun job, but other people didn’t really think so.

July is coming up and festivities of a large Block Party have been planned for 4th of July. I am also planning a day of pampering and love on International Kissing Day, July 6th.


I had a blast at the Talent/No Talent Show. I did a bunny dance with some other people and everyone liked it.

I’ve been doing more meeting and talking with people about possibly building a temple and sacred space at DR. At this point though, anything’s possible and where there’s a will, there’s a way.

It’s a bit hart to believe I’ll be going back to eating with Sunflower Co-Op starting tomorrow and Garnet and I won’t have to fend for ourselves anymore.

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