July 2012

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On this great Independence Day Katherine held a block party down by her bus house. Most of the village showed up to grill meat and vegetables. I brought some grass fed buffalo and some  granola that I made. The granola turned out really yummy, I baked it in the sun on a cookie sheet.  After the block party we had Song Circle in the pond. Then the kiddos lit off fireworks.

I am starting to work on my website for my meditation retreats. Hopefully it will be up soon.


Today I had a Spa Day in the afternoon and a Heart Party in the evening. It was a really relaxing afternoon and I was so happy to see people in the Casa giving each other massages and foot baths and sharing yummy snacks. About 10 people showed up to the evening party, the same amount but mostly different people than were at Nathan’s heart-centered birthday party. We had such a great time feeding each other yummy snacks and giving hugs and massages. Everyone who participated, even one of the visitors, wished that more people would have been there to share such a beautiful evening. I know some people would have come that didn’t show up for other appointments, some people might not have come because it has been so hot during the day lately and that can make some people lazy, but I think some people didn’t come because they still think it is some big orgy party, which it is not. It is mostly just a party to share loving goodness. I think more people will catch on that being loving is cool after more future heart-centered parties.


I guess I’m starting to write less and less as life goes on at Dancing Rabbit. When I first moved here I was wondering how long it would take me before I would stop writing almost every day or when I would stop wearing underwear. About four months it is, especially when I did laundry once and realized it was mostly underwear and figured it was more convenient and comfortable to wear skirts every day and not wear underwear in Rabbit Land. No wonder even some dudes wear skirts around here.

I’ve also made it a big point in my life to drastically change my diet, to relax, take it easy, keep stress in my life way way down, and the humor and laughing way up. The doctor says that some abnormal cells in my body could turn into cancer someday if I don’t get it taken care of. I’ve read a lot online about how people have taken the natural, holistic approach to reverse such things instead of succumbing to invasive procedures robotically prescribed by “western medicine,” changing the diet is part of a naturopathic approach.  I’m starting to cut way down on things like sweeteners and focus on a more macrobiotic diet. Good thing Garnet is very knowledgable about food in this way, he is a big help. Sometimes it is hard because things that use sweeteners are usually around the ecovillage but it kind of puts will power in perspective when I commit to not eating those kinds of things so it is more likely that my body can focus on it’s immune system. Online it says that 50% of the time the body returns the cells to normal without any treatment. If these cells get worse instead of returning to normal on their own, I’ll need a $5,000 procedure to take care of it. . . or choose to possibly get cancer in 5-20 years and probably die, which is also a choice. Oh, life is full of choices, but as my step dad says, “If you can fix a problem by throwing money at it, you should do it,” even though my medical bills will probably end up being more money than I would like to comfortably afford since that is more than one year’s worth of expenses at Dancing Rabbit. I hope I can figure out some tactic to start making a lot of money living here so I don’t have to leave in the winter all the time, even with a big expense. I think I would be at peace with dying in general, but I most certainly don’t want to die from some painful cancer, it is much more exciting and honorable to live, even if I need crazy scaring western surgery. My hope and faith is that my body is strong enough to combat the abnormal cells on its own along with the naturopathic changes to my life and diet.

Lately I’ve been spending more time on the computer making websites for my meditation retreats that I want to start having at the ecovillage next year. Hopefully someday it will be a money making avenue for me.

This evening I held a Silly Games Party. It was mostly children who showed up because there were three other events happening in the village on this fine Saturday evening. The village is getting big enough now where a few different things might be happening at once on any given night and people will have to pick which one they most want to attend and adult attendance at the Silly Games Party was less with a bonfire, an ultimate frisbee game, and a movie happening at the same time. Some adults came more near the end and we had a fabulously funny time playing a Rabbit favorite game, name debatable, but it can be called the Write Draw game by some. Everyone sits in a circle with some paper and starts by writing a sentence, folds the paper down, and passes the paper to the next person, the next person draws what the sentence says, the next person writes a sentence about what the drawing looks like, and so on. It can be quite hilarious. We played it twice.


The Timberframes now have a kitchen in their house and they have left Sunflower. Those that remain in Sunflower are having discussions about making the co-op a kitchen where people also provide emotional support, inner work, and conflict resolution to each other. As Sunflower is the only open kitchen co-op in the village, it should be an inviting place for new people that helps them through their transition in moving to DR. I was thinking about becoming a kitchen user again because it doesn’t really make sense for me to pay twice as much for my food as a co-op member than I do when I’m on my own and not have things like bread, meat, and milk already included in the $200 per month that I pay to eat in Sunflower, but I guess that focusing on my diet and my food makes me not care anymore about spending an unreasonable amount on good food that I put into my body. Sunflower does buy lots of produce, yummy veggies and things, and right now I need lots of vegetables more than I need the $100 per month I might save in leaving Sunflower. We have also started to eat dinners family style at the table together instead of buffet style where we get our food from a table in the kitchen and go to the great room to eat. There is a different, more connected feel, to dinner times now.

I’ve also joined the Aesthetics Team at DR and we’ve been discussing the possibility of making street signs to put around the village that point to important areas of interest. This will help visitors and guests find their way around better and will  make the village look nicer. Sometimes these kinds of ideas don’t make it past the planning stage, but I hope that we do get to have signs around the village. DR hopes to grow to be a village of 500 to 1000 someday. We have not yet surpassed Rutledge’s population of 100, but street signs might give us more of a town feel than a tiny village where everyone knows where everything is all the time. I assume that when we’re 500 people, there will be places I might not travel to often in the village and street signs would be helpful.


It’s been around 100 degrees for several days in a row. The heat makes me sleepy and all I want to do is lay down on the concrete floor of the common house.  You can sweat just lounging around on your computer. For one of the only times since I’ve been here, there is nothing on my calendar to do today.  We’ve made yummy smoothies in Sunflower and some Kombucha. I’ve been doing a lot of relaxing lately, watching funny videos and taking it easy. It is a good day to be lazy, but I have to remember for next year that I feel like being quite unproductive when it is so hot out for so long.


Today I tried out a Rife Machine, and my legs were very buzzy. My Kombucha is really yummy right now. I am also learning how to make cheese from Kefir. All very yummy healthy things I’ve done today.

Nathan has been at DR for 7 years now and for his anniversary some people got together in the Casa to share what Dancing Rabbit was like 7 years ago. It was interesting to see what people said and to think about how much the village has changed in such a short time.

3 responses to “July 2012

  1. I love reading your blog and your pictures are beautiful.

  2. Thanks for blogging as much as you do I really like reading all the blogs coming from DR and have been following the community for many years on line and did finally meet a few folks last year at the community mtg in Occidental, CA and hope some of them go there again this year.

    I also like reading the sandhill farm blogs but their agricultural blog I wish was more frequent

  3. I was wondering what everyone was doing up there when it has been so hot here. I know you get a few degrees off the city high temps, but that’s probably minimal comfort to get a few degrees off of 106.

    The documentation of your introduction to living at Dancing Rabbit has been very enjoyable. Please keep it up!

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