September 2012

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Today was Land Day where everyone gets together to clean up the village. I helped weed a lot and it was hot so it made me a bit tired to weed under the hot sun. Good thing people also made refreshments and cold drinks. It is so nice to see the village a bit cleaned up. We do it for the open house, which is on Saturday.

On Mondays I go over to the neighboring community, Red Earth Farms, to hang out with a little girl there. We spent about an hour swimming in her pond and taking a tour through all the algae.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately. I’m reading three books and that is most of what I have spent my time doing in the past few days. Journey of Souls, Destiny of Souls, and Life Between Lives are very interesting books that describe what the spirit world may be like. Sometimes I feel like maybe I should be doing more productive things than just reading all day, but that is what is most fun for me to be doing right now, and life is too short to do boring things over fun ones.


Today was a very busy day for me today. I did preschool in the morning. In the afternoon I had to go to Memphis to get a small surgery procedure done to remove some abnormal cells in order to prevent them from growing into cancer. I am so grateful that I live here and have the support of the other people in the village to help me through something that seems a bit difficult. A couple of the Browns accompanied me to the Medical Center and drove me home. Everyone was so nice, letting me rest at their house or asking me if they can do anything for me or get things for me, even though I was perfectly capable after the surgery, I just needed a little rest. They were there to hold me if I was feeling a bit upset about the whole ordeal, and it’s nice to have people listen to you when you’re feeling emotional.


Today was open house. We had about 160 people come through DR to take a tour and hear about life at the village. My job was tour wrangler to get everyone together to get a tour going. It was so nice to have people come from all over to see just what exactly it is that we are doing at the ecovillage. A few people even came up to me to say they had read my blog, and I thought that was really neat. I’m glad there are people out there that get to read what life is like from one rabbit’s perspective and experience in this great experiment I’m living in. We also had one person on a tour that was very ambitious and wanted to know what he had to do to move here, although it sounded a bit like he wanted to move here right this instant. We told him to send us an email and join a visitor program. That is probably the way that most people end up coming here and probably the preferred way. We aren’t set up to handle random people who drive up and want to move in right at that very moment. Usually Saturdays are laid back and relaxing, but this was a very fun and busy day at the village.


Today we’ve started doing the prep work for painting the great room in the common house. Right now the walls are a light green and the doors and trim are white. We’re going to paint it tannish off white and make the doors and trim blue. We took everything out of the room except the piano and moved in painting supplies and a scaffold. The room looks so big now that it is mostly empty.

This evening about 40 of us went to Kahoka to go to the roller skating rink for a surprise birthday party for one of the rabbits. He was really surprised and a bit confused when he arrived because he didn’t really believe that we were all there just for him and his birthday. It was fun to roller skate. I don’t think I’d been roller skating since the last birthday party I went to at that rink two years ago.


I spent all week painting the great room in the common house. With the new blue doors, brown trim, white walls and one blue wall, it looks and feels much nicer. The room is also very echoey when all the furniture  is out. We will be getting new furniture in the next couple days so we haven’t put back the old things.

Today was the Rutledge Fall Festival. There was a little parade which mainly consisted of tractors, old cars, the mayor, the sherif, the firemen, and a horde of bicyclists from DR, that’s what you get for a parade in Rutledge, MO. There were some kids games and face painting and other fun things like a raffle and bingo.


Today the Blues Band had a concert. The Blues Weekend is coming up, and some of the instructors are starting to arrive at DR. It was so fun to watch everyone dance and watch the concert and have a good time. I also really like having the artsy dancers around. Supposedly 40-50 people are coming this weekend to dance.


My legs are sore from dancing all weekend and I slept most of the morning after staying up past midnight for the past three days in a row. It was great to have all the blues dancers here, and I learned a lot about dancing. It was so wonderful to see everyone in the Casa having fun for three days in a row!

I’m starting to think about the winter coming and packing all my stuff up for the next five months. It seems like a long time to be gone from home, and I wonder how things will change before I return.


Today was a full day. In the morning I put up a geodesic dome jungle gym that I have which I will use to protect and store my things in during the winter. My friend has family visiting and they all helped me. I was so grateful to have help.

In the afternoon I took an Enneagram workshop that one of the residents held. It was a personality typing system and it was very interesting to see and hear what type of personality everyone was and how they function in the world. I learned I am an adventurous type of personality and thrive when things are new and different and exciting. That fuels my experience in the world. It’s no wonder I work on cruise ships, traveling all around, and live in an ecovillage where every day feels like it is an adventure.

In the evening I went to the bridge down the road where we hoped to see some beavers. We didn’t see them but we heard them chewing on some wood. Then we went to Red Earth Farms where Joan was having a party for one of her friends. There was a fire, music, yummy snacks, and kittens there. It was fun. There were also some people there from the East Wind community who are in the area for Sandhill Farm’s sorghum harvest.

One response to “September 2012

  1. Open house was a great experience. All the things I have been reading about on the DR website and people’s blogs (including yours) came to life as we toured around the village. Thanks!

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