November 2012


I’m in Hawaii for a few days. The weather is so nice, I’m glad it isn’t cold. Growing up where it’s 50 degrees most of the time and knowing how cold it is at home, really makes me thankful for times like these.

I learned that the cruise ship uses about 1,000 liters of fuel per day. I figure that is less than a liter per person, per day. To get to Hawaii, it took about 4 liters of fuel for me, that is about 1.5 gallons of fuel, pretty good if you ask me, to get all the way to Hawaii.

I ate cereal for the first time on a cruise ship. Before my attitude was, “I didn’t come on a cruise ship to eat cereal and milk,” but now I rarely eat that at home so I’m eating it on a ship. Funny how that works out.


Well, I haven’t written in a while, but it’s been a big month. I’ve been to Hawaii and Mexico and back to Seattle for Thanksgiving, my 10 year high school reunion, and to stay with family until I depart again for the cruise ships. I also took a three day trip with my aunt and mom up to a tiny cabin my mom has at a lake an hour away. It’s a cute little cabin, about 10×10 with a loft and a wood stove, no electricity or outhouse, we have a rain barrel though, and she is growing a little shelter in the front out of willow trees, it was just like being at home in Rabbit Land.

Being Thanksgiving and all, I guess I should say that I am thankful that my life feels like I’m always on vacation 🙂

We went to my step family’s house for the traditional vegetarian casserole Thanksgiving. My brother is in town from California too so it was nice that we could both be around for the family festivities.

I still notice a few things being out of place than it was before when I lived in Concrete Land. I marveled at the dishwasher even though it is the same one we always had. I also don’t keep as good of track on my wallet, phone, key stuff, where I put them down and what pocket they’re in, I never have to carry that stuff around on a ship or at DR. I think I’m also coming down with some kind of syndrome which I’m going to call the Away From DR Syndrome. It’s the kind of feelings you get when you’re away from home and you start to feel like, maybe your life would be better off spent if you didn’t live at DR forever or even all the time, though you know that home at DR will capture your heart just as it always has the second you are back. I haven’t spoken much with people at home, at least not much at all compared to having them around every day to talk to, I’m sure they are busy because the hurricane of DR life tends to sweep you right up and you kind of forget about what’s not in the village until it is there again every day, I know I probably do the same thing.  I think I’m starting to get discouraged compared to the excitement I had a year ago about my future at DR.  A year ago I was excited about building my own house at DR, one that would fit my small size, but now I’m feeling like I don’t really even want a house, probably unless it is portable and under 100 sq ft, where am I going to get the money to build a quality house, working on cruise ships for 10 years maybe, and if I build it for my size, it doesn’t have much resale value unless you’re a midget or a dwarf. I also just dropped $1500 this week on medical bills alone, that’s more than I made this past month at my job. Since I don’t have insurance, routine checkup type things and other medical care can be quite a bit, vision, dental, an hpv vaccine, paying off some of the procedure from the summer, anti death and decay armor I’m not sure how I could ever afford if I didn’t have a predictable income like I have now with my cruise ship job. Despite all this, I know I am still going to go back home to DR in the spring, although in the summer my family wants to take a vacation they will pay for me to go on and I might have to take an extra contract or two on a ship to try and make up for the medical bills I’m spending this year.

Sometimes I think about what I’d be doing if I didn’t live at DR. My answer used to be nothing, except maybe working on cruise ships full time and living in my parent’s attic, not a life I want to have. But a week ago a spark flared in me when I chose to go to the airport in San Diego instead of visiting Sea World for a few hours after debarking from the cruise ship. It costs about $80 to get into the park so I figured that if I’m going to go I want to have all day, not just a few hours, but I was still a bit bummed when I got to the airport to wait 8 hours for a flight. I’ve always liked animals, before I got into theatre in high school, I wanted to be a vet or work in a zoo, something with animal behavior. During my 8 hour wait in the airport I looked up online to find out how people became animal trainers. The only reason I ever liked plays as a kid is because I wanted to be in them, the only reason I’d enjoy an animal show with marine mammals is because part of me wants to do it myself. Apparently being a marine mammal trainer is hard work, you need a degree in the field, it’s a competitive job to get, and you don’t get paid very much at all. Not much different than my life now, but I’d probably make twice as much, work harder, and save nothing. I found out about an Exotic Animal Training and Management program at a college in California which I could attend if I wanted to and had about $80k,  I sure wish I knew about it back in high school, when you don’t get to work much with animals in school unless you’re cutting them apart. I guess in a different path in my life I might work on cruise ships year round till I had $80k and go into some mid life crisis and go back to school to start a dangerous low paying career training animals. For now I will amuse myself with books like Don’t Shoot the Dog, Kicked Bitten and Scratched, and What Shamu Taught Me About Life Love and Marriage. Most of the books talk about animal training and using animal training principles with your fellow humans, and one even says you could train a chicken after reading the book. Maybe that will be a fun summer project at DR, training a chicken to do something.

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