December 2012


I’m spending a third Christmas with my Holland America family. This time I am in Australia and New Zealand. I’ll be singing in the choir this evening and will be one of Santa’s elves tomorrow morning. They have a special dinner for us crew on Christmas too. New Zealand is very beautiful and in a few days I will visit the set of The Lord Of the Rings, which will be neat too. I’m going to the real Shire!

Sometimes I think about home and wonder how much longer I’ll spend my holidays on a cruise ship. Will I ever spend Christmas at the Ecovillage? I think about my life a lot while I’m out here all alone. I wonder what it will be like to go back to DR after so many months of being away and traveling around as my means to make $. I wonder how I’ll feel about my life there when I’m back. I can’t really tell because I have a lot of mixed feelings while I’m away. I love DR, but there are still some other things I want to do in my that would pull me away from home in addition to my job, not a very good rabbit if I’m not home much. I think about my means to make money too, and I wonder what I’d do with my life if money wasn’t something I needed at DR. Would I still be traveling the world working with kids or whould I just live at home the whole year? Life is full of different choices and different directions, and I’m not sure which ones I will take in the next five or ten years.

One response to “December 2012

  1. please dont leave DR and please please dont stop blogging. i enjoy reading about your experiences at DR. your pictures are awesome too. f you ever need a replacement vinyl top for your yurt id be happy to send u one(i live in missouri and work at an awning company). Take care.

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