April 2013

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I don’t really much like April Fools Day because it is a tricksy day open for deceitful jokes for people to play on you, luckily no one has done such a thing to me today so far.

I spent 6 hours of the day on Viz Team meeing and committee work. We’re preparing for the first visitor session, and I updated some documents so that we now have digital files available to multipule people instead of paper copies we have no idea who has the original file for. Sometimes I don’t think people realize how much volunteer work goes into running an ecovillage. Several committee meetings take place each week and many people do loads of undocumented, unpaid additional work outside of their money making avenues to make this place the awesome ecovillage that it is.


We have gotten our first wexers of the season. One of them brought a baby goat and a baby lamb. (see this month’s slideshow for cute picture) Their names are Little Goat and Little Lamb.

Today I also spent some time updating our visitor handbook in preparation for our first visitor session this year that will start in a couple weeks.

Some of the rabbits are making mushroom logs, about 80 of them. Those with my 45 and all the other logs we already have here- wow! we’re going to have a lot of mushrooms at DR.


This week brought sunshine to DR, but sometimes it still gets cold, it’s like the weather doesn’t know what to do. At least it’s warming up from the snowfall we had not too long ago.

On Sunday we had our season opening game of Wiffle Ball, the picture made it into both the newspaper and the Facebook cover photo.

Everyone is home now, back from the hospital, back from vacationing in Texas, and the Suns in Sunflower are eating as a co-op again. We also have a wexer that has joined us, now we are five adults and a baby. I am so happy! It is a great change from being the little food orphan Sun for two weeks all by myself. Every Thursday the Suns have a Check-In dinner where we go around the table and tell each other how we are doing. People had quite a rough time traveling home because their train broke down and they had to ride a bus home, so their worn down from returning to DR, and the geneticist at the hospital brought some news about the new baby, that he has a chromosome duplication, Trisomy 9P, and will be similar to a down syndrome child. I am generally a very cheerful person, and I will say that my happy check-in was in quite a contrast to the overall solemn feeling of the other check ins at dinner.

I slept in my dome last night for the first time since I came home, my sleepover buddies were occupied with other things. Even though I put my bedding into a plastic tub, the mice still got at it. Maybe they chewed a hole in the tub, I don’t know because I was too cold and tired last night to care. It seemed a little crazy compared to things we do in Concrete Land though, sleep in a tent in 32 degree weather with mouse chewed holes in your blankets and not even care.

Today was a very chilly Land Day. Land Day is something we do a couple times a year to clean up the land in the village. My project this year was to spiff up the playground. It used to be just a crooked looking swing set, but now the swing set is fixed, we have some stumps for the kids to hop on and a log for balancing. We also have a huge tractor tire to climb on. We got it done, as well as lots of other projects around the village, but sometimes my feet and fingers were so cold I could hardly feel them. I took several trips to the Common House to warm up and have some snacks and drinks.


Visitors! This week the first session of visitors arrived. There are about ten of them, and it is a bit of a change to suddenly have ten new people to share the common house with. The weather is rainy and there were some thunderstorms. Most of the visitors are trying to find indoor spaces to sleep so they don’t have to be in the cold and storm in a tent. There are also quite a few new wexers who have been added to the village. We had a great Meet and Greet and Q & A with Rabbits. New fresh eyes on your home helps give you a new appreciative perspective for a place you spend all your time all day, every day. It’s nice to have  more people like me around who don’t have much else better to do than hang out in the common house and socialize.

I just finished the Tour Guide Training and I’ve been working on a website for the Itty Bitty Cabins so they can be more easily rented out. There have also been tours coming through on Saturdays. My schedule is filling up with adventures and things to do. The busy season has started.


Well, I’ve recently had my membership interview and have begun the process of finding a warren, a spot for me to build a house and live. I was going to wait, but when I started talking to people about house building, it seemed closer than I thought.  I think I actually want to build two structures and have one of them rented out to provide income for me and housing at DR, which are both things that are needed right now. Plans are coming soon.

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