May 2013

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It is spring now and the weather is all over the place. We are getting a lot of rain which is nice for the plants but sometimes it is sunny and 70 degrees one day and 55 and rainy the next.

The Itty Bitty Cabins website is done and on its way to helping lovely people come to Rabbit Land with a place to stay that is not just a tent. I think I want to start a web design service.

The Off Grid Blues dancers are here and I will participate in the dance weekend before leaving on the train back to Seattle to go back to work.


With a dip of my feet into the pond, I spend this nice sunny day as my last day for a while in Rabbit Land. Some of the Blues dancing instructors still remain and teach at our regularly scheduled Blues dance class, but I skipped out on most of class because I was also invited to share in the warmth of the hot tub, yes a real hot tub, a bath tub in the middle of the woods with a fire lit under it. I didn’t get a picture because it was too dark so I’ll have to get one when I return. It was a nice soak before the two day train ride to Seattle. My house builder, Hassan, also says there may be a possibility of starting the building of my house earlier than he originally thought he would be able to. Makes me think I might want to come home early if my house is getting built this summer.


My mom and I finalize our Alaska cruise paperwork check in for the adventure we will take after my contract is over. I will join the cruise ship bright and early tomorrow morning heading back and forth from Seattle to Alaska for the next month. I also spent most of the day on a new website for my web design service, SunGee Web Design. So if you are reading this and you need a simple website designed for your needs, please let me know. The money I receive for web design services will most likely go toward building my house.

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