January 2014


Amtrak has cancelled my train trip home due to bad weather. They just sent me an email that said there are no alternative trips and to call them at my earliest convenience. My parents advised me to stay in Seattle at least until the end of the week, until the weather is supposed to warm up and the -20 cold front that is hitting over there has past. I’m not quite sure what they’ll say when I call them but I think I’ll try to get a ticket for next Monday.

Oh boy, one more week with all the yummy, sweet loveliness of dancing and cuddle piles I’ve been experiencing in Seattle for the past three weeks.


Well, the train got me back, but I missed the connection in Chicago again so Amtrak set me up with a hotel. I came back on the 16th, but I’ve had quite an emotional time after coming home so I haven’t felt like doing anything except healing.

Winter is full of down time. We’ve been having a nice time hanging out in the common house, reading, and doing puzzles. We’ve also been making cards for everyone, as Feb 14 is considered “Validation Day” here where everyone gets a card with nice appreciations written in it by everyone else. Even with the negative degrees outside and the snow, I’ve been staying fairly warm. Sometimes I just run from one warm place to the other, and I can’t really stay outside for more than 10 minutes without freezing appendages to numbness.

Today we celebrated Chinese New Year with a Chinese potluck. People made fortune cookies and Ted and I taught people how to say Happy New Year in both Cantonese and Mandarin. Toon and I made some really yummy fried rice, and there were actually some duck feet in a soup that the Critters brought.

One response to “January 2014

  1. your lucky to be living the way you do

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