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August 2014


I love having a room! It’s so nice to have the internet in the same place as your bedroom and your own personal space. Now I can talk to clients online and take classes with school and not worry about doors slamming in the background and people chatting all around.

I got a ton of shiitake mushrooms on my logs. I had way more than I could use myself so I tried to sell some at the WIP, but here in Rabbit Land, lots of people have logs too and I only sold a few. These mushrooms go for about $8 per pound in Concrete Land, but when you have them in Rabbit Land in the middle of the summer everyone else says, “Oh man, you got mushrooms!? I have to go check my logs!”


Yesterday I won 1st place in an online short story contest about money! Woo Hoo! I don’t remember the last time I won something so awesome and amazing. As a result I was featured in newsletters and an online telesemeninar and got to have personal coaching for my business.

I’m also teaching a free online class tomorrow called How to Meet Your Soulmate in 3 Months or Less, and I’ve had over 50 people sign up for my class in the past 3 days. I love working out in the world on the interwebs!

In Rabbit Land there is a big group of people here from China. They get lectures and they’re cooking us dinner tomorrow for community dinner night. There’s also going to be a cultural sharing time and a dance party this coming weekend. It’s so fun to have people from half way around the world visit us.

I also found out a couple days ago that there’s going to be a silent meditation retreat over in West Virginia where I went to Summer Camp at the end of September. I think I’m going to go over there then and stay the winter.


We’ve had a lot of rain for summer time lately, and my shiitakes are blooming. I got about 13 today. I grew one almost as big as my face! They’re really good cooked with some garlic and basil!

ShiitakeBig Shiitake


We had a breakfast potluck today. One of our lovely neighbor families in Rutledge is going elsewhere to be closer to family and take care of them so it was a bit of a goodbye appreciation potluck for them. It was great to have a potluck for breakfast instead of dinner like we usually do. I made shiitakes, we’ve had so much rain, I got some more mushrooms from my logs. There were also yummy chocolate chip pancakes, french toast, hash browns, I made a fruit salad too, watermelon, Kombucha. There was so much yummy food!

I’ve also been, if you haven’t noticed, paying a little less attention to this little blog. I’m starting my own business, and that takes a lot of time and energy at first. It’s a little bit like gardening, it takes lots of preparation at first, but later on you get to harvest yummy awesomeness. Or perhaps, hopefully, it is like mushroom logs. Two years ago I paid about $500 for my 40 logs and spent all weekend in a big workshop to plug all the logs and learn about mushrooms. Now, two years later, I get an awesome bunch of shiitakes every time it rains, which go for a pretty nice $ in the city as I am aware. The logs will fruit for the next 5-10 years. I am so grateful! Right now I’m spending a few thousand $$$s to start my business and at least 10 hours per day on education, training, marketing, seeing clients, and doing business. Hopefully in 2 years I won’t be spending so many hours every day and I’ll have enough success to last me the next 5-10 years and beyond too, and every time I help someone whose gotten their parade rained on, I will earn lots of yummy loving $$$. Cheers to soulmate businesses, or Bli$$nesses, as they are called in my business school. I love being a Love and $$$ coach!

Gerard, from Respectful Revolution .org was here. He took video of me and some of the other Rabbits. He’s going to put videos of us and our stories up on his website, but it might not be done for several months. There was a lovely post about me on the Respectful Revolution Facebook page today~

AllisonGee“Continuing on my exploration of intentional communities this summer, I met Allison, AKA SunGee at Dancing Rabbit who struck me as the perfect embodiment of someone who practices what she teaches and wants to share the incredible life lessons she has learned for herself.

Allison Gee absolutely embodies the expression “Walk Your Talk”. Originally from Seattle, Allison didn’t feel connected with her own life, didn’t feel happy and didn’t feel empowered. She didn’t want that and proceeded to research personal empowerment on all possible levels : social, dietary, physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual… She explored the power of intention, the power of community, the incredible power of real, natural food. From student, she became teacher and started a blog she boldly entitled “Goddess Allison – Life Improvement Coach”. As she started building her student list, she further transformed her own life and decided to experience the power of intentional communal living by staying part of the year in the beautiful “Dancing Rabbit” farming community of northeastern Missouri. Now that she feels stronger, healthier and happier than ever, SunGee (as she is known in her new community) wants to make sure to share her success with as many people as possible.”