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February 2014


Well the Groundhog saw its shadow. I think that this year, even if the Groundhog didn’t see its shadow, it’d still be winter time for quite a bit longer. We were also going to have a showing of the movie, Groundhog Day, yesterday but the hosts forgot that the movie day had been changed as to not conflict with the Superbowl.

We had an awesome Superbowl party at Thistledown. I left for about half an hour to go to dinner. A few different kitchen groups are taking turns cooking for each other because the groups are so small right now in the winter. We read poetry in honor of the Imbolc. Only a few non Superbowl watchers were at dinner. Most of the village and some of our neighbors were at the party so I returned before halftime. Since the Seattle Seahawks were playing, I had to watch it, even though I usually only watch the thing for the funny commercials. Last time I saw the Seahawks in the Superbowl, they lost, but this time they smashed those Broncos. I never thought of myself as being happy over a sports game, but I felt super happy after that, like this is turning out to be one of the best years ever.

I’ve sort of had that feeling since New Years, that this is going to somehow be a great year for me, even after deboarding one of the most tumultuous emotional roller coasters of my life. I think that experience has somehow inspired me to manifest into my life all things that are gloriously great and awesome and in alignment with me. I was certainly doing that before but now to a different degree.


Today in community land is Validation Day. It is a day where a card is made for everyone in the village and surrounding communities. Everyone writes appreciations in these cards for everyone else. This day also coincides with someone’s birthday for which we will be having a lasagna and cake potluck at dinner. After dinner we’ll have a Validation Day Dance Party.

The snow is sticking around for what seems like about a month. Yesterday it was over freezing so the snow was becoming drizzly and slushy, but today the snow is back falling again. It is supposed to get warmer soon though, possibly reaching over 50 degrees next week.

Next week is also the yearly Dancing Rabbit Retreat. No, it’s not a time when all the rabbits get together and go on a trip. We retreat to our own village actually. We get together for about a week, have lots of meeting time, connection time with each other, we go over all the committees and tasks, we vision for long term planning for our village, and hopefully there is some fun and games mixed into it. It will be the first retreat I’ve attended, as I’ve usually been gone in the winter


Retreat went well. It was a good mix of fun and games with meetings and discussion. It was also very helpful because we looked at how we spend our time and where we might have more time to give to work that it takes to run the village.

On Friday I went with a crew to tap the silver maple trees. We will be making syrup. It was a fun experience I’d never done before. Drill a hole into a maple tree, put a tap into it with a little hose into a bucket. Later we will boil it down to make syrup. It takes 50 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of syrup.

It is also my birthday today. I’m having a sushi and ice cream potluck and playing Cards Against Humanity. I have a shiny birthday cape too. It is customary to wear a cape on your birthday here so people know it is your birthday.