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July 2014



Where has SunGee been this month? I’ve been at a community and interpersonal relationship skill building retreat in West Virginia at Abrams Creek called New Culture Summer Camp. It was so fun and inspiring. I’m now writing a book on new paradigm culture about an imaginary planet I had in my head when I was nine years old where people lived in much greater harmony with each other than we currently do on Earth. Summer Camp was a great flavor in my life that this may actually be our future on this planet.

I’m guessing that my current lifestyle in an actual intentional community was far less removed than the other Summer Camp participant’s lives in Concrete Land. The juxtaposition transition home was probably a little bit easier for me, but everyone seems to be having at least the slightest bit of a case of the post camp blues. I too miss my new friends, but I’m so grateful that I can come home and have 10-20 friends to greet me, share hugs, and say “Welcome Home.” Dancing Rabbit doesn’t feel as heart connected as my experience at Summer Camp though because, I would say, we are more like an Eco Town than a tribe atmosphere like the community in West Virginia aspires to create. We’re close knit at DR though and at times it feels like living with 70 roommates. It’s good to have all kinds of intentional community experiences, and I plan to spend some time over at Allegheny Crest Intentional Village sometime this winter. It is the Intentional Village being created at the site of New Culture Summer Camp and other awesome retreats, and aspires to create this new culture atmosphere all year round.

I’m so excited that some of my friends from camp will be visiting Dancing Rabbit in September.

I came home and the village seems very quiet for a typical summer day in July. There won’t be any visitors for a while either. There was a recent rain storm and I’ve got many shiitake mushrooms budding out of my logs. The temperature is also a bit cool for summer in July, but I like it. Back to the joyful grind, taking classes online towards my MBA, doing some marketing, and many fun projects.


I plan to rent a room in Skyhouse for the next few months, then I’ll see where life takes me on its adventures. It will be nice to have a place to talk to clients and take online classes where it is quiet, instead of in the Common House where there are people around all the time. Last night a mouse jumped on my face while I was sleeping in my YurtDome. Being absent for a few weeks gives them the run of the place like they own it. Time to rent a room, I’m moving up in the world.