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March 2014

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It’s March and the weather is finally warming up. Instead of being 20 or below, it’s supposed to get all the way up into the 50s in the coming week. I’m starting to make spring and summer plans and I’m going to have a very exciting year. I’m going back to work this spring to work at the resident camp for kids so I’ll be gone from the end of March until the middle of May. I’ll miss Sandhill Farm’s 40th Anniversary May Day celebration, but I’ll be saving some money for a big trip this summer. Every May Day, Sandhill has a celebration with a May Pole, a potluck, a sweat lodge, lots of music, and, of course, swimming in the pond. I’ve only been once, and maybe next year I won’t miss it again.

In a couple days I’ll be teaching an astrology class, which I am preparing for now. I’ve been teaching classes this winter as part of a “Health and Healing” program I am doing by renting Tamar’s Cabin. It’s been so fun and exciting to teach classes.

I’ve also been doing quite a bit of cooking lately. Someone went dumpster diving in town so we’ve had a surplus of good fruit and produce, which is nice in the winter, especially when you can eat pineapple in winter- that’s not a treat we usually get. I’ve made bread pudding, applesauce, smoothies, and other yummy goodies using dumpstered food. Some people might think that is gross, but I love living off the wastefulness of consumer America.

Winter is a time of dark, alone, stillness, and peacefulness which I suppose I should enjoy in some respect, but it certainly isn’t as enjoyable to me as the rest of the year is.¬†Winter is a very different atmosphere around the village than spring, summer, and fall, but March is like the month of hope. It gets warmer, visitors, new residents, and work exchangers will start arriving next month, and the cold, dark, alone, drab will fade like a dream upon waking.



We had a large controlled prairie burn this evening. Over 100 acres burned, that’s almost half of Dancing Rabbit. The Rutledge fire department was there to control the burn. I think it was the largest fire I have ever seen.

We’ve been finding a lot of dead fish near the old pond after it’s been warming up. Dead fish are turning up in ponds all over the area. I’ve heard some theories about why this might be- that ponds froze deeper than usual this year and killed the fish, or that the ponds froze deeper than usual and messed up the oxygen levels in the water and killed the fish. We’re taking them in wheelbarrow loads to feed to the chickens. Someone put some in a big jar.

We got over 800 gallons of sap from the maple trees. This will boil down into about 16 gallons of syrup. The group of us who did the labor to gather the sap will be paid by the hour in syrup. I’ll probably be eating a lot of pancakes for breakfast when I get back home. I’ll be leaving tomorrow for work.