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October 2014


Back in the city again. This will be the longest I’ve spent in Seattle for about 4 years. I plan to stay here over the winter, giving workshops, connecting with new clients, and making money. I arrived only with two luggage bags and a backpack of possessions. One luggage bag had mostly clothes. The other had general things like toiletries, quartz crystals, and electronics. In the backpack was food for the two day trip as well as my Kombucha scoby, maple syrup, several bags of dried shiitakes, and my pet mint plant from DR.

The first few days seemed like I had landed in some sort of alien world. Even though I grew up here, it took a little adjusting again and getting used to. There are strangers all around, I flush my poo into perfectly good drinking water, there are advertisements everywhere, cooking on flat electric stove tops, riding the bus everywhere, people using a microwave, spending over $100 just in the first week doing normal things like going out with friends. These are things city people take for granted and don’t even think about, but it is a glaring contrast to the lifestyle I am used to. I’m learning a lot about things people do or have in the city like Uber Cars, fish tanks, budgeting for city life, full time jobs, singing quartets, and what seems to me like a lavish party in a multi story mansion but it’s really a fundraiser party in a nice American house with good food.

I’ve been assessing my own life a lot. I’ve never had a full time job or my own apartment. I’ve never owned a car, which is just fine by me, especially when you can get everywhere on the bus {or in an Uber}. It is so strange to have my feet in so many different worlds. On the one had, I’m going to business school to learn how to be a successful entrepreneur and someday make a 6 or 7 figure salary doing what I love and helping the world with great things. On the other hand I could live in my ecovillage bubble with my seasonal 4 figure jobs and be happy and comfortable. On one hand I could have a job, friends, and a life in the city, I could have lots of clients. On the other hand sometimes I just want to crawl back into my old life where people don’t text me so much, I don’t have to keep up with so much email, or this whole Facebook thingy, let alone “social media marketing.” Happy end of Saturn Returns for me, going on about assessing my life, trying to figure out what it means to get real and grow up. Geez, when I was in college, I thought I’d have stuff figured out by now, have a comfortable career, maybe a nice husband and a family, at least a stable living situation. I’ve heard it has been said that “Wherever you go, there you are.” Well, I think I’d like to change that to “Wherever you go, there’s always somewhere else to be.”… and you’re never really at where you thought you’d be in the first place because when you get there, stuff’s always different.

My step aunt told me about a temporary full time job with benefits in a medical office where she works. I was considering a job working in a preschool, but checking in medical patients would be, as she described, “a pleasant job,” and I wouldn’t have to renew my CPR, get a food handlers permit, and spend my days cleaning up and cleaning off, well I could call them slobbery nose pickers, but I guess that wouldn’t be so nice. I do like working with children for my job. I do wonder if I’d be happy in an office, making money for 8 hours a day and going home to my own apartment. It might be better than working 8-12 hours a day and sharing a room with a co-worker. I’m learning so much about “having clients” with school. It seems so silly to learn about “making 6 figures” being an entrepreneur and thinking heck, why wouldn’t I want to go to work and have a regular job. They’re just like a client who pays me $2,000 to $3,000 per month, which is more than I’ve ever made in any one month working at a job anyway. Maybe that’s just the next step, and if I don’t end up liking it, the office job is only for 4-6ish months and I can go home again. At least I can say I did the full time job thing if I get this job, and then I’ll really know if I love it or hate it.

Apparently people in my stage of life also contemplate mortality, and that has shown up for me lately also. My mother is about to celebrate her 70th birthday in a few months. I used to think people who were 70 were old! But she doesn’t look much older than 50 anyway and she’s in good shape, good health, and has all her wits. My step dad just celebrated his 64th birthday, yes we sang him the song. His parents were at his birthday outing, but it made me think, hey when I’m 64, my parents might not be at my birthday outing, unless they live to be about 100!

Sometimes it’s good to get away from home because it reminds you how much you really do appreciate it, or don’t, sometimes I’m not sure which one it is. It might be nice to hide in my apartment with a cushy office job working for a university medical center with benefits, “retirement,” and a regular paycheck in a city where I can recycle any type of plastic and not have to check my 200 emails per month or go to meetings where people are always working on heavy stuff. Although, I do love home, having nature to take a walk in whenever I step outside my door, a pond to swim in, and friends all around all the time to play games and hang out with who don’t have to text me or take the bus just to meet up with me.