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September 2014

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The visitors arrived last week. It’s been nice to have new people around. I’ve been having fun playing games with them in the evening. It’s also nice to have new people to share kombucha with and do other things that are new to them like show them what poison ivy looks like and take them to see my mushroom logs.


Time has gone by so fast this month. I’ve been doing so much and I can’t believe it’s already the middle of September. This past weekend I went to an arts festival in Kirksville with a young lady who lives in Rutledge. She had a booth at the festival and sells beautiful jewelry. She is making me a custom dragon pendant in exchange for helping her make her website. We also have a photographer here from National Geographic. He is doing a piece on intentional communities. Although he is here now, he says that stories can take one to two years to actually come out in the magazine. So, look for a story in National Geographic on intentional communities and Dancing Rabbit in about a year or so. This month I am giving my first free video webinar on how to relieve stress and tension surrounding money. The other coach I am working with as my co host has a podcast so this week, I’ll be in my first podcast too. I also decided I would go to my hometown of Seattle for part of the winter to do a workshop tour in order to gain more visibility with my new business by getting in front of people rather than sitting in my room on the internet at Dancing Rabbit. I’m leaving on the train at the end of the month and will be away from home until next year.


This week I was on a podcast radio show that another $ coach puts on, and I recorded my first webinar with her. Woo Hoo, it’s so exciting! Oscar, the photographer from National Geographic, joined us for dinner tonight. It’s my turn to cook on Saturdays and I made a yummy dinner. I had a successful first attempt at making fried green tomatoes and, what we are calling squash browns. It’s like hash browns but with squash mixed in with the potatoes. After dinner many folks went to Tereza’s birthday dance party in the Casa.


While the Climate March was happening in New York. We had our own Climate March here. If you get the March Hare Newsletter, you may have seen the photo I took of it. Saturday is Open House. I will be greeting people at the welcome table. There is a really awesome short Open House video from last year on the DR website and there is a 1 hour longer Open House video. I wasn’t here for Open House last year, so I am no where to be seen in that video. I did dehydrate a ton of Shiitake mushrooms that bloomed lately. These sell for a nice $ in the city but here you can’t really sell them to many people because everyone else has shiitake logs too. I didn’t measure but I got several pounds of shrooms which dehydrated down into more than would fit into a gallon jar. I hope to sell them at Open House. I also love to make Kombucha. So if anyone needs Shiitakes and Kombucha, let me know and maybe these things can travel in the mail.


We had an Open House yesterday. It was my job to sit at the welcome table, sign everyone in and welcome them, and count the number of attendees. ¬†We had 145 people visit our village for an education day of tours, farmer’s market, and hanging out in the Mercantile. Every time I’ve worked at Open House, at least one or two people have told me that they read my lovely blog, so if you’re out there, thanks for reading!

I had $150 worth of dried shiitake mushrooms, but I decided it was too much to try and sell them and be at the welcome table which I already committed to, so I’ll be taking my mushrooms to Seattle tomorrow. I’m also taking my kombucha scoby. Tomorrow I’m getting up at 4:00am to get a ride to the train station in Quincy to catch the Amtrak to the great Emerald City. I’ll be away for the winter in the city to get more clients, see old friends, and get out of the cold dark alone hunker down inside of the winter at DR.

Again I’ll miss Halloween here, I’ve never spent a Halloween in Rabbit Land. Oh well. I’ll get a little job as a Santa’s helper elf for the holidays though because life in the city can be more expensive.