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May 2015

Puget SolarThis month I walked out my door to go to work, and this is what I saw across the street for two days. Looks like someone is getting solar power. If you would have told me five years ago that solar installation was going to be a common occurrence in 2015, just like walking out your door and seeing the cable guy with his van across the street, I don’t think I would have believed it. I used to think this was at least a decade away from 2010, but here I am, back in Seattle only five years later and I start my day looking at this. There are always trade offs to living in community at an ecovillage or deciding to go back to “mainstream,” whatever that is anymore. This just warmed my heart.

Travis SunGee Farmer's Market

Travis and SunGee at the Farmer’s Market

I also had a great time this month because one of my friends from Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage came to visit Seattle. Travis stayed with me for a week in my small studio, but we’re Rabbits at heart and felt comfortable in the small space with unwashed and reused dishes, a toilet we don’t flush after every single use, and a shared kitchen. We got into so many adventures! We went Stand Up Paddleboarding on Lake Washington. I had never heard of a SUP, but it’s like a surf board that you paddle, and Travis likes water recreation activities. We went to parks, the Ballard Locks, ecstatic dances, and of course dumpster diving. We also ate so much good food while he was here! Mochi ice cream, Jackfruit, Tamarind, and lots of homemade sushi. The visit was so nice and life enriching for both of us. It was great to share a glimpse of my new life with someone from home, but I suppose now my home is in Seattle.

It was so nice to have someone from Dancing Rabbit come to my hometown where I have decided to stay and really see and experience why I had made the decision that I did. Not only did he like it here, but he wants to add more Seattle to his life too. For the past few years of my life I had grown so accustomed to visitors coming to DR and considering moving there for the lifestyle change because they were tired of the “mainstream.” Now my life has gone the other way around. Travis doesn’t think Seattle is mainstream, but I didn’t think I’d see the days come so soon when the ecovillage may loose members to the mainstream because it has come into such great alignment with the values and reasons we held so dear when we decided to move to the ecovillage in the first place.

April 2015

KombuchaCoverAfter healing a common cancer causing virus, I was inspired to write this book about Kombucha this month.

Compassionate Kombucha: How to Brew Your Own for Healing and Manifestation.

It is available in eBook and Paperback form. You can purchase a copy at my life coaching website on this web page:

March 2015

 New Paradigm Planet Cover3/25

Wow, this has been a big month for me!

Ok, the first thing I want to write about is my electricity bill. I got my first electricity bill for the studio apartment I live in. For electricity for the past couple months, the bill was only $35! An advertisement comes with the bill saying that Seattle City Light will give you a free LED light bulb. The advertisement literally says “Step 1: Install. Step 2: Wait 20 Years. Step 3: Replace.” Whoa! That’s some new world kind of advertising right here. That’s not really why I’ve had such a big month though.

I’ve published a book! I had been writing it since last year but was inspired to finish and publish it. It is about an imaginary planet I had inside my head starting from the time I was 9 years old. I share this vision of this planet in hopes that it will inspire others to create a better life on our planet. Oh yes, and I do mention Dancing Rabbit in the book. Either by clicking on the image or going to, you too can have a copy of this lovely piece of my essence. If you read the book and provide feedback by May 1, 2015, I’ll send you another copy of the public release edition. If this has peaked your interest, you can find more info on the website.

I have also made a decision to release my membership at Dancing Rabbit in June. Part of my heart wants to cry, and there are oh so many complex reasons pulling me towards either direction, but I think the river of my life is flowing in Seattle, at least for now. I do plan to come back to visit, at least once per year, and I’ll be back in June for a week to collect my things. Some of the reasons are the eco consciousness of the mainstream and the lightening speed at which it is growing into greater ecological awareness in this city. I think the main reason though that tipped my decision to stay in Seattle is that I would like to get my book into major bookstores here and give workshops or go to events that can promote me as an author and life improvement coach. This may be easier to do in a city than in Missouri over the internet and phone. I’ve found that in person connection face to face with many people is very effective, and I can do this in Seattle with hundreds of people without having to go on some kind of tour. For now, I am open to the adventure of life that I’m having in Seattle, and I have so much love for all the people of DR and the wonderful, life enriching time I’ve spent there.