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February 2015

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Within the past couple months since the time I started looking at this studio I live in, a building has gone up next door- LEED A-Pod-Ments. It’s a building full of LEED built studio apartments. New LEED certified living quarters seems to be a trend that is quickly popping up in my neighborhood. Lots of old restaurants or businesses I used to know have moved down the street or gone away with large “Proposed Land Use Action” boards now decorating the walls, about to be turned into high rise green built living quarters with retail at the bottom. I doubt any of them have a bathtub though so I won’t be moving anytime soon.

I plugged the tub when taking a shower so I could see how much water I used compared to taking a bath. 2 showers = 1 bath, for me anyway. Considering I still practice the Rabbit average of 1 or 2 showers per week, I don’t mind a good healing bath once in a while.

During my First Aid training for my new job, I stumbled upon the parking lot of the community center where the training was held. I just had to stop and stare at the juxtaposition of this old vine covered parking lot full of art and graffiti with two electric car charging stations in the corner.

I also discovered a store for back yard farmers on a preschool field trip, The Grange. We took the kiddos to see the chickens, ducks, and rabbits, but that place is for farms in the middle of the city. It was pretty cool.

I found a stand at the Farmer’s Market with a giant sign that said “Micro Greens.” It peaked my curiosity for what kind of new green trend this might be. After chatting with the guy I now understand that there is a giant warehouse in West Seattle, filled floor to ceiling with a “vertical farm,” growing these “micro greens” using aeroponics and hydroponics, and supplying many of the large Seattle restaurants with greens. Basically they are urban farmed baby herbs and veggies, grown year round using mist and LED lights. Whaaaat!!? The company of Farmbox is magical.

I went into the Thrive cafe yesterday for the first time in over 4 years to drop off a flyer for my upcoming workshop. They are now growing their own greens right in the restaurant using hydroponics.

Soon I’ll be giving a workshop at a holistic bookstore. The workshop is called “Become Your Own Genie!” where I teach people to make all their wishes come true. With my new life coaching practice I help people heal heartache in Love and Abundance so they can be more empowered creationary humans in the world. One of my holistic teachers advises us not to be hypocrites in our holistic business, like don’t be Martha Stewart who gets caught by a chef binge eating at a restaurant. Sometimes I wonder if helping people build their wealth and abundance along with my frequent dumpster diving adventures is the kind of hypocritical activity I’ve been advised against. I can’t help but rescue perfectly good food from moral injustice while filling my fridge with the abundance of sustenance, even if I were a 6 or 7 figure earner. Between the food waste at work and all the mostly organic produce I’ve rescued, I’ve been able to eat for free so far this month.

Since the monetary economy of this land of Seattle is so differently askew from Rabbit Land, I’ve started keeping a spread sheet of my monetary income and expenses, including all the times I’ve gotten food for free, so I can get a good bearing of what my money and abundance is doing in this city. I thought perhaps I’d be spending $250 per month on food, but thus far I’ve only spent a tiny fraction on edible luxuries, like $5 on rose water which I’ll try in an experimental batch of Kombucha to go along with some rose black tea I have.

I’m now adopting monetary behavior I never had when I lived in the city before, back when I was still trapped in my illusionary notions of lack and scarcity, back when I went around thinking about how expensive things were instead of appreciating their real value. Last month I only spent $20 in the entertainment category, I thought it would be more fulfilling for my heart and soul to have more of that in my life. This month I gave myself a birthday present of a $110 Ticket to see Cirque De Soleil’s Kurios. Keeping a spread sheet really helps put things in perspective when it comes to abundance.

A friend recently told me about a concept called “Transition Towns.” She said Seattle seems to be on it’s way to becoming a “transition town.” In basic terms she described it as a town that has the eco awareness capabilities to survive if shit hits the fan. It reminded me of the many community pea patches that dot the city and supportive organizations like City Fruit that has a database map of all the registered fruit trees in Seattle. It’s comforting to have companionship with the notion that this city would probably still be pretty awesome even if “shit hit the fan.” Rabbit Land is pretty awesome too and if “shit hit the fan” I’m sure it’d be quite a different reality to share it with 600,000+ people rather than 70.