This is a glossary for Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage terms used in this blog or whatever else I think of while living at DR.

Casa– La Casa De Cultura. Our Dance Hall.

Co– a member of the community. Co can also be used as a gender neutral pronoun.

Common House– People at DR have their own dwelling space but many share a kitchen, restroom and shower facilities, internet, library, kid’s play room, and living/dining room in the Common House.

DIY– Do It Yourself

Land Clean Day– Twice a year, the rabbits get together to clean up crap around and fix up the place.

Off the Farm– Someone is away from Dancing Rabbit if they are “Off the Farm.”

Thermoregulation- is the ability of a building to keep its temperature within certain boundaries, even when the surrounding temperature is very different. One way Rabbits keep their buildings cool in the summer and warming the winter.

Warren Citing Committee & Warren– Responsible for knowing about and taking care of people’s issues of where they want their piece of “property,” called a warren, because that’s where rabbits make their home.  Residents don’t lease warrens but I figured they would know where was available for me to put my “house.”

Wexer– Work Exchanger

WIP– Week In Preview meeting held on Sundays where the village gets together in the common house to discuss the week’s events, car usage, who is gone or arriving, etc.