Looking Forward To

These are some things I’m looking forward to at Dancing Rabbit and a few of the things I am not looking forward to.  I took all these slideshow pictures during my visit.

Things I am looking forward to at Dancing Rabbit (Oct 2011):

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  • Sunsets
  • Seeing the Stars at Night
  • Nature
  • Nice Friends
  • Bugs, maybe I will eat some
  • Mushrooms, I will definitely eat those {the nice kind, not the crazy or poisonous kind}
  • Rabbits, maybe I will eat some {the bunny kind, not the people kind}
  • Eating from Nature, not from plastic and paper packaging
  • Bonfires
  • Swimming in the Pond
  • Gardens
  • Dirt Under My Feet, not concrete
  • Singing

Things I am not looking forward to at Dancing Rabbit (Oct 2011): 

  • Having flies, mice, and other pests in my house, especially Ticks!
  • Mold & Mildew, is it bad that the smell of mildew already reminds me of Dancing Rabbit before I even live there?
  • Allergies, dust, and dirt, well not really dirt but being dirty more often than I would in Concrete Jungle Land.

Things I will miss when I am gone from DR over the winter
(Oct 2012):

  • My friends and “family” and their hugs and kisses and cuddly sleepovers
  • Nutritional yeast and the soy sauce sprayer
  • Garnet’s bread and kefir cheese
  • My Kombucha
  • Chia seeds
  • Sunflower Kitchen
  • Walking in nature all the time
  • Bonfires
  • The pond
  • Going barefoot
  • Not riding in a vehicle for a very long time
  • Tamar’s Cabin

Things I will miss when I am gone from DR this winter (Aug 2013):

  • My friends and “family,” especially Dash, Violet, Kassandra and Nathan- the people I spend the most time with here.
  • The mentality of Rabbits- nice, helpful, diverse, honest, caring, mature, open-minded, and more likely to be good and nice to you than stupid, immature, or an asshole. In Concrete Land, you just never know what kind of folks you’ll run into.
  • Ted and Nani’s cooking. I am so grateful to Nani and Ted for cooking my meals for the past couple months!
  • Swimming in the new pond and relaxing by the old pond.
  • Pizza and movie nights at the Mercantile.
  • Dance weekends.
  • My favorite village dogs.
  • Having a lot of flexible and free time.

Things I won’t miss when I am gone this winter (Aug 2013): chiggers, mosquitos, mice, flies, allergies, not having a “real” bathroom, and emotional or dramatic diarrhea- sometimes Rabbit Land can be an unexpected roller coaster because you live so close with so many people, most of the time a good learning experience, sometimes unnecessary (although I am sure summer camp will be similar, it will just be a different roller coaster ride).

Rabbit Land vs Concrete Land Dynamic, in Seattle (Jan 2015)

Things I miss from Rabbit Land: Pizza night. Easy social life- all events and friends are just down the path. Impromptu games of Settlers. Living with more nature around me every day. Having a pond just a path’s walk away for swimming and ice skating. All the yummy food and potluck nights.

Things I don’t miss from Rabbit Land: Still the pests, especially the mice which used to run over me and make a lot of noise while I was sleeping, usually I just pretended I was Cinderella. The 200 emails a month, well I still get them but feel less inclined to look at them because they have to do with things that are 2000 miles away. Emotional meetings. The people in Rabbit Land are awesome, but I don’t miss them as much as I once did when I went away, mostly because I had grown a bit more distant within the past year from the close friends I once had. In Rabbit Land your social life can fluctuate greatly, and I had spent most of 2014 alone with my computer working on my new website.

Things I love about Concrete Land in Seattle: Being able to go to the store, like a real grocery store, there are three within a 15 min walk from my studio! Having a job and my own studio apartment! The sushi and the “fro yo.” My capabilities to have a mostly veggie based diet, even in the middle of winter. The warm temperatures in the winter, compared to Rabbit Land. The large park just a 5 minute walk away. The general eco and health consciousness of the city. A community of at least 300 like minded people who are poly friendly, touch positive, like ecstatic dance, generally eco and health conscious, healer types- I call us modern hippies. All the good produce and food that goes into dumpsters in my neighborhood. We have an awesome football team right now, I’m not usually into sports, but the Seahawks have an “ohm team advantage.”

Things I don’t really love about Concrete Land: Being bombarded by advertising almost everywhere you go. Randomly smelling cigarette smoke. The stars aren’t as visible within the city, but you can see them more just about an hour’s drive away- I find I spend more time inside than out in nature along the path looking up at them so I don’t really notice anyway. There are so many homeless and mentally strange people in this city. It’s a concrete jungle, there really is something to be said about having nature all around all the time that is very healing.